How can I help you?

I like to think of NLP, Hypnotherapy & counselling as my ‘tool box’ – maybe we’ll need a screw driver one day, a spanner the next…  Together they form a very powerful set of tools that I can use to help you find a smooth path over the bumpy road you may be travelling.  If you’re ready for a journey, I can be your satnav.

What issues can be helped with hypnotherapy and NLP?

Hypnotherapy and NLP help people discover how they think about things, how they act in certain situations and what they believe about themselves and others.  But there are no magic wands.  This isn’t Harry Potter territory – there are no spells.  However, if you come with an open mind and a willingness to consider changing the way you think about things, then it could help you improve your life.  I will do my utmost to help you, but if I feel that you would be better off with an alternative treatment method, I will sign-post you to someone else who may be able to help more effectively.

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Purple Tree Therapies have clients throughout Worcestershire and Gloucestershire that have benefited from my toolkit, which is hypnotherapy, and Counselling, with many from cheltenham, evesham, Worcester, tewkesbury and  throughout the cotswolds