Mark B, Evesham…  “I went to see Lynn when I was very confused and felt I had no one to confide in. I guess I just wanted someone to talk to without judging me. The whole process was very smooth and Lynn made me feel extremely comfortable right from the very first text message. Upon arriving for my first session, I was warmly greeted by Lynn and her 2 very friendly dogs, one of which accompanied me throughout the session, and continues to do so now. The therapy room is very welcoming and you almost feel like you are at home. I found Lynn very easy to talk to and confide in, and she made me feel very comfortable in what was quite an uneasy situation for me at the start. I have now had 4 sessions and I feel completely invigorated and I am now thinking very clearly. Although you won’t get the answers from Lynn, or any therapist for that matter, the way Lynn questions and guides you through your thoughts helps you immensely so that you can find the answers for yourself. Thank you Lynn.”


Frances L, Evesham (aged 13)…  “I would like to say thank you for everything you have done for me.  You have helped me so much and have supported me and been patient with me when things have been tough for me.  You have given me new eyes on how I now perceive the world around me.  I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me and without you, I don’t know where I’d be right now.  You have been an angel for me and because of you I’ve started to become a different person.  May you have a blessed Christmas and take this time to relax and be with your family and the people you love.  I hope you have a jolly Christmas and I hope you receive everything you wish for because you deserve it.  Merry Christmas and may you have a happy and successful New Year!!!”  (Reproduced with Frances’ permission, and her mum’s blessing, with the words: ‘You can put it on your testimonials as it demonstrates how much you helped my daughter – or shall I say saved my daughter’s life…’)


Anna C, Worcester…  “I came to see Lynn 2-3 times to help me deal with depression and healing from past emotions that were resurfacing. I’m a solution focused girl and like to look at ways to move forward positively. Lynn makes you feel heard and understood, she does not push her stuff on you but rather listens and makes suggestions. She has a great toolbox to ease you from angst to calm. Only go if you are willing to do the inner work and ready to heal. It’s worth it.”


Paul L, Evesham…  “Easy and stress free.  Comfortable and calm surroundings where the ball is always in your court. Would recommend to anybody who would like help in dealing with their thoughts.”


Sally J, Cheltenham…   “After many weeks of feeling at a very low ebb due to illness and family difficulties, a friend recommended Purple Tree Therapies to me to try and get my life back on track.  I had 3 sessions with Lynn at her house.  She is a lovely, quietly spoken lady, not at all pushy or overwhelming.  She helped me tremendously with techniques, contacts and encouragement in a relaxed atmosphere and made me feel that life is good after all.

I would thoroughly recommend Lynn to anyone who feels that the stress of life is getting too much.”

Debbie L, Defford…   “I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone who is suffering from anxiety, stress, depression or if they just don’t feel happy with life in general.  The tools you used have transformed my life!  I am able to let go of things that previously would have had me worrying for days.   Even during major meltdowns with my son (who is on the autistic spectrum) I am able to take myself out of the situation mentally and calm myself surprisingly quick. That would have never happened before my sessions with you. I genuinely cannot thank you enough..”

Anne C, Worcester…   “I went to see Lynn when I was very low, unable to control my emotions and lacking confidence.  I’m in a senior management position so this was causing me concern.  From my first conversation with Lynn she made me feel very comfortable and in control and this continued when I meet her at her therapy room which is very calming and relaxing.

After my first session I came away feeling much better with some coping techniques to help when my emotions would normally take over.  I was surprised after only a few sessions how much better I felt and how my emotions were under control.
I have Lynn to thank for supporting me through a difficult time and I’m delighted to say I still feel great and have never looked back.  I never thought I would need therapy but would recommend Lynn to anyone needing support.”

Kim W, Upton-upon-Severn…   “Lynn is a lovely lady that makes you feel welcome and relaxed from the offset. She explains her work and techniques in great detail and in a way that is easily understood. I visited with my daughter who was having counselling and Lynn allowed me to sit in on the first half hour where she explained all about herself and her work. I was very impressed and the surroundings were beautiful and tranquil.”

Tina G, South Littleton…   “So, so beneficial. This lady has helped me enormously, I’m doing so much more than I was three weeks ago. . . Thank you, Lynn.”

Chris P, Evesham…   “I came to see Lynn at Purple Tree Therapies following a recommendation from a friend.  I wanted (needed) to get rid of my smoking habit and now the date is set and realistic.  In the meantime Lynn showed me why I continued to smoke, and I realise this habit was a deep seated by-product of how I feel about myself, and perceive the life I was living.  Now, within a few appointments, I’m a happier more relaxed person. If I start to get down in the dumps I stop and follow the steps Lynn has taught me, and soon snap out of it. Thank you so much Lynn.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Purple Tree Therapies to one and all.  A SMALL PRICE TO PAY FOR MY SANITY.”

Emma P, Evesham…   “I have struggled for years with anxiety, depression, and feeling inadequate with the main issue in relation to not feeling good enough due to issues with my Father.  I’ve tried many different therapies and therapists. Although good, they only dealt with the immediate issue. The issue on the surface, not healing the deeper issues which plagued me for many years. Then I found Purple Tree Therapies and what can I say?  It has changed my life, no longer is my mind in control of me, but I am in control of it, my thoughts, my life.

Lynn is incredible.  Although it’s a professional relationship, she feels like a friend to you.  She genuinely cares and is so welcoming. The space is lovely and relaxing. The added bonus of dogs to cuddle, if you wish, is amazing. Loved my Ernie cuddles.  The variety of techniques used are brilliant because they look at different areas.  I had hypnotherapy in my last session and it was the most enlightening feeling… I have never felt so free or relaxed in myself.  I cannot recommend Lynn highly enough and she is worth every penny. I have had five sessions and my mentality is completely different. I genuinely looked forward to my sessions and no doubt I will see her again in the future for top up sessions to keep me on the up. Thank you Lynn xxx”

Glenda V, Alcester…   These words were written in a ‘thank you’ card from Glenda:  “Thank you again for your wealth of information, tools and care.  Have a great summer, love Glenda.  PS – I will be filling ‘my’ bank, and I hope you do too, as you give so much.  x”

Beth T, Cheltenham…  “I started having sessions with Lynn when I had reached a low point in my life, I went with a very open mind and didn’t really know what to expect.  But, I can honestly say its the best thing I could of done, not only did I feel completely relaxed, I felt like she listened to every word I said!  I have now come away feeling a millions times better in myself, like a whole weight has been lifted from my shoulders and would recommend giving it a go to anyone – thank you!!!”

Sam S, Evesham…   “I need to say a huge thank you to this lady. All my life I’ve had travel sickness and as an adult it got worse and worseby chance I met Lynn and we got chatting I told her how it was and she offered me help…  Lynn – I’ve done lots of miles and today I’ve been on a ferry to the isle of white and thanks to you I’ve done it smiling and enjoyed every minute of my travels!!! You truly worked a miracle.  Thank you.  Sam

Mark D, Evesham…   “It was the testimonials that were left by other clients that made me contact Lynn and her fast response showed that I was dealing with a truly professional person who is passionate about helping people overcome their fears, phobia’s etc.

Lynn makes you feel at consummate ease so between the two of you, the root cause of the issue can be easily established. The key is that Lynn involves you so you feel ownership in the techniques you derive together so you want to go away and implement them and you understand why they are working.

Lynn also cares, she will contact you after to see how things are progressing and will work with you to keep the agreed techniques in place or work with you to modify them.

It is rare for me to write a testimonial but Purple Tree Therapies inspired me so much I felt it was only right to share my positive thoughts with others.

Jill C, Alcester…   “I found Lynn very pleasant and understanding. She helped me with my anxiety by giving me some suggestions to calm me down.

Rose F, Worcester…   “Lynn is a lovely lady and is very welcoming.  She has a calming voice & I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere in the tastefully decorated therapy room where she talks you though all the different techniques tailoring her approach to your needs.  After years of feeling unworthy, & having worked with others, I now have a more positive approach to my life than I have had in years.  Lynn gave me techniques I can use going forward to help me if I need them, and I always left my therapy sessions feeling alive & happy. Thank you Lynn – like I said: you are an angel”.

Feedback from talk given to Facebook group in Worcester… Very interesting and informative…” (Jean A.) “Lynn is very approachable and made NLP easy to understand and beneficial…” (Jo H.) “Interesting speaker, welcoming with an open discussion that tailored it to our group…”  (Amanda L.)  “Very good.  Very chatty & informal feel whilst retaining structure…”  (Maria B.)  “Good to know there are alternatives to medication or CBT…”  (R.D.)  “A great way to help others with any issue they suffer with!…”  (Claire T.)  “Interesting & informative…”  (Debbie T.)

Donna M, Evesham… I was feeling lost before I went to Lynn and very low, not knowing which direction to go in.  I have had a lot of therapy in the past and had never tried NLP, but would definitely recommend it. The room was lovely and relaxing and Lynn took things at my pace. She gave me strategies to help with my thoughts which I use all the time.”


Sue T, Tewkesbury…  “Thank you so much Lynn for seeing my daughter recently regarding her anxiety issues. You were very professional in how you dealt with her and she is managing things well at present..”

Michael A, Tewkesbury…  “Your approach to dealing with my son has been refreshing and unique which I think has come as a very pleasant surprise to him. None of the same old stuff he’s been through plenty of times before. You have formed a very good relationship and I think it gives him comfort to know we can always return to you if required. We will recommended your services to others.”

Hannah K, Worcester…   “My sessions with Lynn really helped to paint a clearer picture for me to move forward with my life. Lynn is welcoming and friendly, and I felt completely at ease talking to her about things that I felt I couldn’t tell anyone else.  I will definitely return for future sessions.”

Julie W, Bewdley…  “Have had several attempts at therapy before and have always backed away.  Right from the start I felt comfortable with Lynn.  I had no self esteem and was very uncomfortable with myself as an individual.  Following Lynn’s sessions I have a great deal more self liking, and a great deal more fondness for the future.  Lynn respects me and for this I am truly thankful.  Can recommend her – no question!!!  Thanks Lynn.”

Lydia C, Worcester…  “I haven’t had many good experiences with therapists in the past, and was slowly losing my trust but Lynn changed my point of view completely. She was the one who was there when I needed someone to listen – to care.  She was open, warm, and friendly from the very first conversation, so I felt safe and welcome. Lynn is such a very experienced listener and observer and seems to understand more than you can tell her just with words.  It is very easy to meet her on the same page.  I just feel very safe with her.  She gave me a positive optimistic feeling about myself and the way that lies ahead of me.  Can’t wait to continue my therapy with her.

Sara C, Upton upon Severn…  “I cannot recommend Lynn and Purple Tree Therapies highly enough. Lynn is a warm, welcoming person with an empathetic nature, who takes time to listen and understand your issues, and is never judgemental. She uses various techniques (hypnotherapy, visualisation, and listening) to help find something that resonates and works for you to help you deal with situations and move forward.

She always follows up between sessions, checking on your progress and how you are getting on.

She has been an amazing help to me over the past few months helping me to find my confidence again, face my fears and learn how to deal with stress and uncomfortable situations both at work and in my personal life. I cannot believe my transformation from the woman who walked into her therapy room with no self confidence, suffering from very bad stress with a complete inability to see how I could ever return to the old me, to the woman I am now – fearless, confident and excited about moving forward with my life.”

Heather H, Evesham…  “I have, so far, only attended one session with Lynn however I wish I had done it sooner! I do not find it easy to say what I feel normally however Lynn was so welcoming, easy going and non judgemental that I was able to open up. I am looking forward to my next session and learning more about myself and how to deal with my current issues. Thanks to Lynn I have also discovered meditation. If you want to move forward with your life and feel that something is holding you back I strongly suggest that you give this lady a call for help.” 

Sally B, Redditch…  “When I arrived at Lynn’s house I was immediately made to feel really comfortable and at ease, and I was then taken to the therapy room, where once again I felt calm and relaxed.  I have had hypnotherapy before but Lynn explained in great detail what would be involved and it felt very different to my other experiences.  My session was focussed on my phobia about flying, & Lynn provided me with a tool kit to try out next time I fly (and I will!)  We also looked in great detail as to where my phobia comes from and why I still choose to maintain the fear.  I found this really interesting and it made a lot of sense.  Although I’m not sure if my fear has gone completely, I do feel more able to use the strategies we discussed to make it much more manageable, and I feel really happy about the outcome.  I’m now looking forward to my holiday in Barcelona with excitement and not the fear I usually have which actually spoils my holiday.  Thanks Lynn – I will be back to work on other issues as I have confidence in both your knowledge and your approach.”

Sara G, Cheltenham…  “I can not recommend Purple Tree Therapies highly enough.  Lynn is one of the loveliest ladies I have ever met.  Very understanding.  The room that she holds her sessions in is welcoming and comfortable, it is in her beautiful house.  She has literally turned my life around.

The Hypnotherapy sessions have helped me deal with issues with my life from as far back as 25 years ago.  I had 5 sessions and it was the best £300 I have EVER spent.  I have my life and confidence back.  I can’t thank her enough and if you are struggling with your life, contact her, and get your life back!!”

Forever grateful.
Sara x

Emmie E, Worcester…  “I can’t thank Lynn enough for giving me my smile and positivity back.  I was at a point in my life where I was at a real crossroads and very anxious about my future security.  I was 45, a single Mum and found myself without a job for the first time in my life. I had been very unhappy in the industry I was in and knew I did not want to go back to it.  I really had no idea which way to turn or what to do.

When I turned up for my first session Lynn was so welcoming, the therapy room was very private and relaxing and straight away I felt I was able to chat and open up to Lynn without feeling judged at all!

Lynn explained the sessions would be like throwing my jigsaw puzzle of thoughts up in the air and then putting all the pieces back together in the right order for ME! That is exactly what happened.  I have learnt so much about what I really want out of life and that following my values is key to obtaining that.

After only 4 sessions with Lynn, she gave me the tools to re-assess my values, negative thoughts and needs and I now feel totally decluttered in my head. I have worked out exactly where I am going with my future and feel so excited and positive about it.  I did not think for one minute I would have made so much progress in such a short space of time, but I really have!  If you are thinking of seeing Lynn don’t hesitate, she is lovely and it is more than worth it!’


Tina, South Littleton…  I was getting bad panic attacks where I either passed out or vomited. CBT from NHS only helped so far so I went to see Lynn.  A calm environment and a good listener were the first things I noticed.  I got brilliant advice and gradually felt I was returning to being me.  Hypnosis is not what I expected, I was totally aware and in control.  When I ‘woke’ . . . not that I was asleep. . . I was surprised how much time had elapsed. It felt like 5-10 minutes and was in fact 35 minutes.  I now make sure I have ‘me’ time; I drive in the dark with NO panic – just today I went out in the car, despite the snow – the yard and lane were difficult but I did it.  And I yelled at my husband yesterday which was good – all I’ve been doing is saying sorry, sorry.  He is pleased the assertive Tina is back.  And so am I.   I always left the sessions feeling calm and happy, and I’m going back to see Lynn in January, just to show her how good I feel. If you have any doubts please try Purple Tree Therapies.  It’s wonderful and worth every penny.

Ann B, Pershore…  “Just to say thank you for giving me back my zest for life. As you know I came to you feeling very low and unable to cope with what life was pushing at me but after just four visits I feel really positive and energised. I am sleeping better and feel in control – no magic, you have just given me the tools to deal with the difficulties that I am facing. I am confident that I can now concentrate on the positives and get rid of more unnecessary baggage!

Heather L, Taunton…  “My sister Debbie had a few sessions with you. She had previously been suffering for the last few years. She was difficult to communicate with and I felt like no matter how hard I tried to support and help her I had lost my sister. Since she seen you I saw her on Sunday and was so so happy to have found my old sister is back. She is nearly back to her normal self. I went home and sobbed! I can’t thank you enough for helping her when no one else could.

Pip B, Worcestershire…  “I had been following Purple Tree Therapies on FB for sometime & eventually decided ‘now’ was the right time to seek help with my anxiety.  I’d been on anti-depressants for nearly 20 years and slowly reduced my dose until I was forgetting to take them and thought that’s one huge achievement let’s move onto the next!

I messaged Lynn & she kindly agreed to phone me (at a time convenient to me) and after our chat decided I would make an appointment.

I was apprehensive on the morning but had a clear idea of where Lynn lived as she works from home.  Great instructions, easy to find &    parking.  After a warm welcome from Lynn & her lovely hound Harry she showed me to her therapy room.  A very nice comfy chair that reclined, soft cushions & warm bright colours…..guess??? Purple & lilacs!

Lynn had a lot of questions and after our half an hour that she offers free, we continued into an appointment.

All I can say is that after a few sessions Lynn has given me the tools & coping mechanisms to deal with my anxiety & wow! my life has changed for the better.  Although I know it won’t go away, what I do know is that after seeing Lynn I am better equipped.  She has also helped me with my fear of flying and helped with my sleep pattern, for the better.

Although I don’t see Lynn on a regular basis any more, I do know that if I have a blip I can’t deal with that she’s at the end of the phone or a message and if need be I can book an appointment.

Thank you Lynn for helping me change my life for the better!

Hazel E, Bath…  “My daughter has been suffering from stress and anxiety for several years following a head concussion.  After three sessions with Lynn, she returned home seeming much happier, more relaxed and confident.  She is even singing at times during the day!  There is a marked improvement in her and her well-being.  She has learnt valuable techniques from Lynn – how to cope going forward to stave off any future anxiety attacks.  Thank you Lynn for helping my lovely daughter back to health again.

Cate M, Evesham…  “Having changed several things in my life over the past four years, it was time for the big one – my embedded feelings of anxiety.  Lynn’s insightful, calm and friendly approach immediately put me at my ease and, after a period of a very few weeks, I am now able to reflect on events in my life with much more confidence.  Alongside that, I am starting to apply strategies that Lynn has taught me when I feel anxious.  I highly recommend!

Phillipa B, Evesham…  “Had been following Purple Tree Therapies for several months before deciding to contact Lynn.  After a long chat on the phone I made an appointment with Lynn. After two sessions my life has changed for the better. I now have the tools to deal with my issues and they work…..successfully!  I am now in control of my mind, not my mind in control of me! Thank you Lynn.

Sarah G, Upton upon Severn…  I contacted Lynn when I needed help in understanding why I felt so out of control.  From the moment I arrived she put me at my ease and after listening to why I thought I needed help, she explained my feelings of being out of control were down to a combination of the various major changes that had happened over the last two years.

She has helped me look at what I want and identify some short and long term goals.  She has given me tools to help me cope and after years of thinking I was not good enough she has helped me settle my feelings and accept that I am good enough.  During my time seeing Lynn I have been made redundant but have now secured a new job, out of my comfort zone, but one I am looking forward to as Inow feel confident that I am good enough for what I call a grown up job.  I would recommend Lynn to family and friends.

Imogen D, Evesham…  I felt very safe and happy during my sessions, I left feeling relaxed and happy every time. I have really noticed how I’ve progressed since before my sessions and I am now much more aware of things I need to deal with and how to change.  I definitely feel as though I have the tools to be better.  Thank you again for all your help.

Emma L, Upton St Leonards…  “Since meeting Lynn and having a few appointments with her – delighted with how it has helped!   One thing that has amazed me is that I have not touched chocolate, or anything with chocolate in, for 6 weeks now and these foods were always my emotional crutch.  I now feel a lot better in myself for not constantly eating rubbish.  As a mum, wife and business owner, life is crazy at times, however Lynn has given me tools to approach things in a more structured way which means I don’t forget anything.  After each appointment I come away feeling lighter, which may sound strange, but I am so much calmer, and I always sleep really well that night too.  Can’t thank you enough for all your help Lynn, already looking forward to my next session.

Nik B, Worcester…  “I first approached Lynn after becoming stuck in a rut with my career, and at the time I felt completely lost. It wasn’t easy making the decision to see a life coach but right from the very first phone call, Lynn was friendly, relaxed and professional, but also informative; she quickly put my mind at ease and made me realise I’d made the right decision. Lynn helped me straighten my thoughts out and gain the confidence I needed to take the next step in my life. I’ve come away from her sessions with several tips and techniques that I can use anywhere anytime for the rest of my life. Thanks Lynn.

Lauren W, Evesham…  Lynn has changed my life forever and by no means is this an overstatement.  I first went to see Lynn after a marital  breakdown and associated issues which caused me so much sadness and anxiety. I was lost before I met Lynn, but after only a few sessions together, I now feel like the best version of me that I have ever been and that is all down to the techniques I have gained from Lynn.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked my first appointment but Lynn is everything you would ever want in a therapist: calming; approachable; professional; friendly; welcoming and so so much more.  I have already recommended three people to see Lynn and I will continue to recommend her time and time again.  Thank you so much.

Linda W, Worcestershire…  A close friend recommended Purple Tree Therapies to me.  I had been struggling with low self esteem, weight gain and negative thoughts for sometime, and felt that I had nothing to lose by seeing Lynn.  She made me feel at ease immediately and the therapy room was very calming.  We discussed many issues but Lynn dealt with whatever I was struggling with the most.  Each session (of which I had 5) left me feeling so much more in control and armed with coping methods for difficult times.  I finally feel I can look forward to a brighter future. Can really recommend giving Lynn a call and seeing how your life can be turned around. Thanks Lynn x.

Julie F, Willersey…  Lynn was a superb help, she’s intelligent, very skilled and committed to helping; within a short time she got to the heart of the issue and I was able to move on with a better understanding of myself.

Laura B, Coventry…   “Lynn was recommended to me by a friend following a course of NHS CBT, which I had found pretty unhelpful, and at times frustrating. The ‘logical’ approach of CBT was just not where my head was at, at that time. I desperately needed to talk through how I felt and learn to almost rewire my brain and recognise thought patterns. This is exactly what Lynn offered to me.  After my first session, I really felt that Lynn completely got what was going on with me, and she gave me such confidence that she was the right person to help me through.  In total I had four sessions with Lynn, during which we discussed simple day to day tips and tricks to manage my anxious thoughts and to regain control, and most importantly, my confidence.  I would also highly recommend a session of hypnotherapy with Lynn.  I must admit that, although I was very intrigued, I was slightly sceptical and thought that it wouldn’t work on me but I was so wrong!  The session was so beneficial for me and I noticed a change in my attitude almost immediately. Two months on and I am continuing to feel the benefits of my sessions.  I would highly recommend NLP, and in particular, Lynn..

Caroline K, Evesham…   “Thank you Lynn for helping me understand and overcome my fears.  I found the therapy very relaxing, professional and informative.  You have given me the tools and confidence to help me control my problem.

Lea E, Tewkesbury…   “Lynn is a lovely person who made me feel extremely welcome from the moment I arrived.  The passion for her work really shined through in our sessions which was very refreshing.

The session began with an explanation of techniques offered and I was made to feel at ease and comfortable.  A highlight of our session was a little piece of homework Lynn set. This has given me something to focus on and a technique I will continue to use.

I would highly recommend Lynn to friends and family”.

Chris N, Evesham…   “One thing that stands out above all to me about Lynn in the time she has spent working with me, is her personal and un-patronizing approach. She makes prospects seem un-daunting, concepts seem simple, objectives seem clear, and any issue you enter the room with, will not simply be challenged logically and put to rest in a clinical by-the-book manner. She empathises with your perspective and tailors her approach to the best of her ability, in a way that allows you to feel at ease with her straight away.

Lynn noticed quite astutely and quickly that I am a very visually minded person, making sense of the world around me in a quite particular and peculiar fashion. We have adopted this perspective into our sessions, and by mine and Lynn’s synchronised efforts, we have been able to adapt to, and understand each other, much more smoothly than I believe I would have been able to, had it not been for her interest and exceptional attitude.

A natural, honest, and real individual. Not only is she a refreshing personality to discover in what can very often be both a tedious and tumultuous journey through a common landscape of customarily minded therapists, she is funny, down to earth, and more than most she is passionate and interested about her work, her field and her clients. Suffice it to say, I have made entirely more progress in the last few months with Lynn, than I have in years of working with many others.

Highly recommended as a person, a therapist, and as someone I cannot thank personally enough for the part she has played in the impactful progress we have made thus far.”

Sue H, Fordwich…  “I have had an issue for many years that I thought Purple Tree Therapies could possibly help me with … So .. with much trepidation, I booked an appointment.  Immediately Lynn put me at ease with her friendliness and I was lead into the therapy room which was tastefully decorated, full of purple hues which immediately gave a calming effect.  Once I had sat on the comfy chair, it felt like home.  Throughout the session, Lynn listened with interest and had many ideas to help assist me to reach my goal which would improve my life beyond doubt.

We ended our first session with a relaxation technique, in which I was totally in heaven.  Because my problem would take a further session to finalise, we agreed to meet up again, but I promised to practice a few exercises that we had gone through during the initial hour’s session.  I am now looking forward very much to my next visit, I certainly have the confidence in Lynn to be able to resolve my long standing worrying concern at my follow up session.  I enjoyed my first session so much, that after next week, I’m going to endeavour to think of another reason to visit Purple Tree Therapies!”

Sam S, Evesham…  “I have nothing but positives regarding my session today.  The whole experience was uplifting, I felt at ease and comfortable in the surroundings and feel positive in my outlook now.  Thank you.”  A few months after Sam’s visit to me, she wrote me this note:  “Hi Lynn just a little note to let you know … I’ve travelled a fair few miles this summer and touch wood… I’ve been absolutely fine!!! Can’t thank you enough.. Sam x” 

Sharon W, Worcestershire…  “Lynn was very professional in her approach and she helped me to relax so I felt very safe and at ease. We managed to resolve my issue and I am very happy with the results.” 

Alex E, Tewkesbury…  “I wanted to try hypnotherapy as a last resort to try and stop biting my nails and had one session with Lynn for an hour. Two weeks on and I’m very happily surprised with the results, I can finally open a can of coke without using my teeth! The treatment was explained and executed well in a nice calming room with comfortable chair. Overall a very pleasant first experience with therapy and given that I was a bit sceptical and it actually worked for me I would highly recommend.”

Melanie C, Evesham…  “I felt relaxed and at ease and that my issues were fully understood.  The techniques were explained well, and even when having difficulty (eg, visualising) an alternative approach was offered.  It was all extremely helpful.”

Keith N, Sutton Coldfield…  “This year Lynn supported me with mentoring and guidance.  Her skills, professionalism and insightfulness were a real strength which provided me with the resources to succeed.”