Tina T Evesham…  “Lynn was recommended to me by a friend after I’d mentioned I was looking for someone to help me with deep seated trauma/PTSD. 

I contacted Lynn and we arranged to have an initial chat over the phone. Through that conversation Lynn talked to me about her approach, and way of working, which I felt really suited me, and I made my 1st appointment there and then.

The 5 sessions took place at Lynn’s home in a welcoming and homely room that carried a sense of safety and peace. She gave me a notebook and pen which I found very useful as a jotter for ideas and thoughts.

Lynn encourages you to think about what you are truly feeling/experiencing versus what you are expecting to feel. She helped me through some very traumatic and emotional issues with a range of tools using visualisation, hypnotherapy and breathing. She guided the sessions rather than led them, giving me the freedom and space to express myself fully. She explained that whilst the triggers could not be stopped, my usual reaction to them could be altered and that has proved to be totally true.

It takes courage to reach out, and only you will know when you are truly ready (it took me 13 years), but I would wholly recommend Lynn to anyone who is ready to try.”

Tina had been living with her issues for such a long time, she didn’t believe it was possible to let them go.  But within 5 sessions she’d learned how to use her ‘tools’ to move forward in a way that is much more comfortable for her, and she’s now confident about having a much brighter future. x

Mr B Worcestershire…  “I came across Lynn by a google search for therapy in Evesham when I was going through a rough patch and needed someone to help and listen. During my time with Lynn, I never felt that I was holding anything back and that is rare. I believe this comes from her years of experience and naturally calm and caring demeanor.

I couldn’t recommend Lynn enough to anyone suffering and trying to work through relationship issues or trying to recover after a relationship breakup. Lynn went the extra mile and during my times of need when I needed her most was always on the phone.

Following the demise of my marriage I wanted to understand why it failed (I blamed myself for it as I have thought that I was “broken”) and I wanted to understand what I was doing wrong and how to change it. I also wanted to be more open, to communicate better, to feel more confident and in control of my life and to be more optimistic about my future.

During therapy we talked about my patterns in behaviour, the situation, the way I think and feel and what I tell myself in critical situations. We also talked about my childhood and how it influenced the way I am now. The first outcome of the therapy was that I stopped blaming myself for my failed relationship. I started to realised that I was in fact in an unpleasant relationship and it was not entirely my fault and I also understood why. This discovery has given me an enormous feeling of relief. I felt physically lighter as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Even my friends have noticed this change and were commenting that I seem more relaxed, happier and that I smile more.

Once the relationship issues had been sorted and put aside we started to talk about me, what I wanted and about my future goals. I stopped blaming myself for my childhood and I understood that I am not “broken” and don’t need to feel guilty about things. Again, this discovery has given me a huge feeling of relief. I feel stronger and more in control, I trust and respect myself more. I also feel happier and more optimistic about my future. I know there will be ups and downs but I feel that I can handle them. I feel that I will be OK.

Lynn was phenomenal from the first meeting, always attentive, never judgmental and helped me with coping strategies to get me through such a difficult time. Looking back on it now I do not know how I would have got to where I am without her support.

My client was very frightened to move on initially and simply didn’t want to accept his situation as it was being presented to him, but by reframing his thoughts and helping him adapt to what life was throwing at him, he managed to make lemonade with his lemons, and is now adding the sugar to make it even sweeter.  Very proud of him. x

‘R’, Evesham…  “The English Poet John Donne wrote the following in 1623 – “No man is an Island, entire of itself, every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main……..”  Words I had very much ignored throughout my 60 or so years.  I needed nothing externally.  I could cope.  I was an Alpha male after all !! 

And then a time came, a strange time, when thoughts and feelings related to family and work, well, pretty much everything in my life at that time, rose within me, and it proved how wrong I had been.  I could not deal with these alone. 

As things continued to unravel I needed to talk to someone outside of my existing contacts, someone who would listen and not judge, would not try to fix things, who would not show me how and where to go but would help me in framing my own solutions to my problems and issues.  And that was Lynn. 

After a nervous start – frankly, admitting I could not cope was a major obstacle in our early conversation – Lynn has helped me regain my thoughts, my thought processes and the positives that had eluded me up to that point.  She introduced me to coping mechanisms that have really worked for me. 

Every journey starts with a small step, Wow !!  I am glad my first step was towards Lynn.

After an initial phone conversation we arranged a first meeting at which I was immediately at ease with Lynn, comfortable in the surroundings and feeling positive and confident about the chances of success.  Thank you, Lynn.”

This was a really big step for my client to admit he needed help, and I’m so glad he reached out.  Even ‘Alpha Males’ need a nudge sometimes, and it was a pleasure to work with ‘R’ and watch as he started to think about things in a different way, and then move forward in a much more positive direction.


Heather O, Evesham…  “I contacted Lynn of Purple Tree Therapies to set up some talking therapy, as I was facing the possibility of going through some big life changes. Lynn managed to see me very quickly which was a relief to me, as I was feeling a little anxious about said life changes. I think she could sense my eager anticipation and didn’t leave me hanging.

In Lynn’s calm therapy room that overlooks the garden, she got to know me as well as possible in the first session and left me with some thought provoking questions to take home with me. Lynn also let me know that I could drop her a line between sessions if I needed to and that felt very supportive to me.

During my next sessions Lynn and I covered a wide range of topics and discussed tools that I could use going forward. We tried a little bit of everything!

On a personal level, I found Lynn to be friendly, empathetic and warm. She appeared to be very open and transparent which I appreciated. I wouldn’t like to feel as if someone was taking notes on me but not disclosing their point of views.

Lynn doesn’t just sit, nod and take notes; she engages. A therapy session felt more like having a coffee date with a friend who is really well educated, a friend with whom you can reason things out, a friend who asks the right questions at the right times to help you get to know yourself better.”

This lady is extremely emotionally aware, having spent a lot of time working on her own issues over the years, and it was a pleasure to work with her on such a deep level.  I feel flattered that she felt it was like coming to see a friend for a coffee – and from what she’s told me she enjoyed our sessions together as much as I did.  I love my job!

Danielle M, Evesham…  “I would really recommend working with Lynn, she has been absolutely brilliant and helped me come such a long way.

Lynn is such a lovely understanding person and makes you feel comfortable, which really helps with opening up and communicating with her.

I would definitely say if you have any doubt about going to therapy with Lynn then to 100% do it!  I felt very safe, comfortable and understood when seeing Lynn.

I would recommend her to anyone that feels they may need it.”

Danielle is a lovely 18 year old young lady – she’s intelligent, pretty and very mature for her years.  The only thing holding her back was her inner critic that she has now learned to control.  After only 3 sessions Danielle is now able to live her life to the full, as any young lady should.  She has 2 sessions ‘in the bank’ to use whenever she feels she needs a ‘top up’.  But I don’t envisage seeing her again any time soon – she’s got this!

Faye K, Evesham…  “After losing my husband three years ago I felt that it was time to talk to somebody again. I had tried counselling very soon after my husband died and found it excruciatingly painful and although talking helped to some degree it didn’t offer any solutions on how to find a way forward.

I Googled bereavement counsellors in Evesham and came across Purple Tree Therapies. The location was perfect as Lynn is based 5 minutes down the road from where I live. I felt slightly anxious and put off calling for some time. When I did finally make the call I was really emotional and Lynn immediately made me feel at ease. 

Lynn explained how we would work together and that five sessions is the approximate number required to make a difference. I replied that I felt like I would be going to see her for five years! How wrong could I be? After my first couple of sessions I somehow felt so different. I was able to feel positivity that I haven’t experienced for some time and think things through in a totally different way.

I now feel like I can cope again and more than that I can enjoy life and put myself first sometimes without feeling guilty. Revolutionary is the only word I can find.

Thank you so much Lynn for all you have done.”

Having had such a bad experience with counselling soon after Faye’s bereavement, I’m not surprised that she took several years to pluck up the courage to try again.  And I’m delighted she contacted me once she was finally ready.  Far from the ‘5 years’ that she was expecting to spend with me, Faye felt so much better after just 3 sessions that she’s put the other 2 ‘in the bank’ to be used whenever she feels she needs or wants them.  Remarkable transformation in her mindset, and wholeheartedly deserved by such a lovely lady.  She can now start to live her life again without guilt or fear of upsetting other people. 

AVL, Childswickham…  “Due to an uncontrollable change within my Organisation, I had experienced an enormous loss in confidence in a role at work where previously I had been enjoying great successes, and had felt incredibly safe and supported by my Organisation.

As a result of a drastic change in my confidence at work, I no longer felt able to perform my role to the level I felt necessary – irrespective of the support from my team and superiors. The role had taken all of my energy over the past few years and had been all consuming to the detriment of my home life and family.

The result of my decision to leave my job was three-fold: a release from the role associated stresses on my mental health; a feeling of failure I was dealing with having chosen to leave my job, and a transformational shift in my role at home.  Being a mother and wife again and spending quality time with my family was at the expense of the guilt I was feeling about leaving work.

I was an emotional mess but couldn’t really pinpoint what my problems were nor how my family could help me.

Lynn was recommended to me by a friend who spoke highly of her work and I thought – why not try talking to someone to try to make sense of my feelings, and invest positively in my own mental health as a step forward towards working out what my next chapter would be. I felt lost and needed to take some form of positive step toward the next version of me.

The work we did on values and looking at what is actually important to me and my role within my family was useful… unlocking/releasing unhelpful values I had held dear/focussed on for a long time, which were actually hindering my ability to move forward. I am no longer feeling trapped by pre-existing values which I had not allowed to adapt/evolve as my family and life had evolved.

The work we did to take some of the pressure off myself as a problem solver connected to issues I had resulting from a child experience, which I had perhaps not dealt with effectively throughout my subsequent teenage and early adult life. Lynn enabled me to forgive myself and to perhaps open up to not having a fix for everything but to look at positive adjustments to take me toward a solution instead – making the dealing with problems/situations out of my control easier.

We also did some work on my confidence and the value I have and bring to my family, friends and another employer.  I had become unaware of my inability to hear and believe positive affirmations that should re-affirm. 

I have been able to enjoy family life, focussing on what’s great now, and giving my family the time they require/ want from me now, enabling me to be more ‘present’.

I am working again, and thoroughly enjoying what I am doing now, having more time to spend getting involved with the children’s school PTA activities and the local community – it doesn’t necessarily fit my long term ‘career goals’ but has definitely ticked other boxes and suits me at this phase of my life. I am happy and content while able to offer myself and my family more of me which has been missing for quite some time! I am back rather than rushed and mostly absent.

Initially I felt my problems were ‘not real issues’ and that I would feel a fraud at therapy but actually Lynn made me feel that my concerns and worries were valid and that it is important to create time for yourself to be the best you can be to offer to your family and friends. Something that gets quickly swallowed by pre agreed family and work stresses and commitments. 

I would recommend Purple Tree Therapies for Lynn’s professionalism and gentle nature as she slowly helps you to unlock and explore the nature and route of your problems, often not necessarily where you thought the problems were!

If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with Lynn, I would recommend there is nothing to lose and often giving you a safe acceptable place to explore your thoughts enables you to see a route forward, not necessarily a route that would have been clear in the busy crowded and stressful minds we have become used to operating with.

Lynn’s practicing space was safe and calming, and enabled me to explore my thoughts with Lynn steering me through options in a calm manner inside what was my muddled, stressed and panicked mind.”

Thanks go to this lady for that lovely eloquent feedback.  I always enjoy hearing how my clients are doing, and where they are in their lives.  This lady has one session ‘in the bank’ to use whenever she wants to in the future, but it’s gratifying to hear how well she’s doing, and how far she’s come, in just 4 sessions.  And even more lovely when the client takes the time to let me know.  Happy days.

Dean S, Worcester…  “I first sought help within 3-4 months of losing my dad – not being able to cope with the grief and loss – which threw my whole life up in the air.   I felt I had no real direction, or process of how to put it back together, and this is where you helped me so much.

I was struggling to cope on a daily basis.  I was ignoring my friends and family, not able to work properly, feeling in a daze throughout every day and finding myself only at peace when I was asleep where I felt no pain.  The worry of everyone around me thinking I may do something to harm myself made me realise I needed professional help which is where I found you!

One of my best friend’s wives lost her dad in a tragic way and she was roughly the same age as me and she recommended you and said how well you did to help her with all of her issues.

I valued the aspects of you teaching me how to use the logical side of my brain more and not merely functioning on the emotional side – taking control of things and understanding my thoughts for what they were.

You helped me believe in myself again and find self-confidence which I’ve always struggled with.  I also valued you for going through the process with me of the loss of my dad and ways to help me with that such as writing the letter to him which I feel helped massively at the time.

I’ve been able to control my emotions around my dad and understand the process of grief and no longer let it consume me, which I was doing previously.

I’ve had various conversations with people and have done things I wouldn’t have had the courage to do before, through fear of the confrontation and how it would work out.  This made me realise when I actually did those things, they were a lot easier than my mind thought they would be!

What surprised me the most about coming to see you, having never been to a therapist before, was just how comfortable I felt opening up to someone I didn’t know. I never felt like I couldn’t tell you anything. You put me at complete ease and comfort the whole time.

My expectations were exceeded because I never expected myself to feel this much better as quickly, and I don’t think I could have done it without you.  You’ve certainly helped me onto the right path in life going forward.

The main reason to recommend you is simply how comfortable you make people feel, you listen so well and you always make me feel at ease and comfortable no matter what state of mind I may have turned up to you in.

If someone was on the fence about coming to see you, all I could say to them is please don’t talk yourself out of it and just come and see you.  Yes, it’s scary making that first call or meeting Lynn for the first time if you don’t know someone and being in someone else’s home for the first time, but the minute you step in the room all that goes away and you are made to feel so welcome.

The therapy room makes you feel very welcome and the cosy chair makes you feel comfortable to sit back and open up in ways you never thought you would.  I would recommend you to anyone who thought they might need help. It’s the best thing they could ever do because I know it was for me.

All I could say is thank you so much for working with me and helping me so much in such a short space of time, helping me in ways I didn’t think were possible when I first started with you.”

(I first met Dean when he was suffering badly with the grief of losing his father, and together with other issues that were going on in his life, he’d had the stuffing knocked out of him, and lost all confidence in himself, and his ability to recover.  He worked really hard on himself during the few weeks that we worked together, and gradually got control of his thoughts, and feelings, and started to turn his life around by believing in himself again.  Such a joy to work with, and see blossom. x)





Rachael H, Twyning…  “I have recently gone back to Lynn for a little refresher as some new challenges had come my way. After not seeing her in a while, it was great to look back at all I have achieved since we finished my sessions. I am now holding down a job and looking to further my career. I have gone out and pushed myself and found new and exciting experiences along the way.

Thinking back to the overwhelmed and terrified person who sat in front of her on that first day with tears streaking down her face. She is a mere whisper of the person who sits in front of her today, bright, excited and willing to try new things even when I am anxious.

This session was emotional, confronting past fears, but with Lynn’s help I am starting to move on from them and looking to the future with a different attitude and outlook. These next steps in life won’t be easy, but having the wisdom and tools that Lynn has shown me, means that I have the strength to take them.

I would and have recommended Lynn to others, she is an excellent guide through the scary and strange path that is anxiety. She gives you tools to easy your path and a light to show you the way out.  If you give her the opportunity and commitment, she can turn your life around.”

(This lovely young lady has grown in emotional strength beyond all recognition from when I first saw her in my therapy room.  She’s now confronting her issues head on, pushing her limits daily, getting on top of her anxiety and living her life as a 27 year old should – looking forward to new opportunities and embracing them instead of being scared of going out of her front door.  SO proud of her.)


Daniela B, Evesham…  “I decided to contact Lynn as I realised I could do with some help from someone who knew how to. I felt stuck and trapped living an unfulfilling life. I wanted to change every area of my life. I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere even though I was really trying. Sometimes I would wake up feeling in such a panic, almost a terror that this was my life. I was experiencing feelings of anxiousness, desperation, irritability and was losing faith and trust in myself. I recognised nothing would change if I kept doing the same thing and thinking the same way. So I decided to invest in myself and go and see an expert, a professional.

I got a lightbulb moment when passing Lynn’s premises which was also backed up by a lovely recommendation from a colleague who had received lasting help from Lynn.

Lynn has provided so much insight into my unhelpful thought patterns, limiting attitudes and beliefs I hadn’t realised I was functioning from. I’ve really enjoyed becoming more aware of those unhelpful voices in my head and replacing them with much kinder, funnier ones. Getting help wasn’t hard or emotionally draining. I have laughed a lot, watery eyes laughter. I would recommend seeing Lynn, she doesn’t judge or need to hear your life story. This is about positive change. There’s no magic wand but there is definitely magic. So if you’re considering getting some support and guidance just go for it, invest in yourself.

Since seeing Lynn I’ve realised I like myself, a lot. I’m easier, less tense, more willing to give things a go. I’m learning to give myself permission to do what I enjoy. I’m more creative, more understanding and more aware of what is good in my life already. When feelings of anxiety or desparation come up I’m not a victim of them. I’ve got a really positive tool kit and just ease my way through those feelings and reach for something more helpful.

There are still things I’d like to change, I’ve noticed I’m more at ease with that. I have more clarity about the way I would like to experience life. I’m not as desparate or tense and I’ve noticed I’m enjoying just trying things out. I’m also more comfortable with taking my time and that it’s ok to change my mind I don’t need to give myself deadlines or rigid targets. What a relief!

I’ve had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with Lynn and they were blissful. I’d forgotten I could be so relaxed. It’s really helped me to get more in touch with that part of me that’s more loving, sees the possibility and really knows. I’ve experienced past life regression previously, so was surprised at how deep I went into relaxation with Lynn. I felt I was going to that soul part of me that really knows what will make my heart sing.

I would recommend seeing Lynn for anything you may be struggling with or any area of life that’s hard right now. Life can be so much better when we decide to look after ourselves.”

(It was such a pleasure to work with this lady – seeing her blossom as she gave herself permission to move forward without constantly ‘beating herself up’.  What a complete transformation – she’s now excited about her life and exploring options open to her without fear of failure – just curiosity.  Happy days…)




Bella B, Childswickham…  “I was prompted to seek help when, aged 15, my anxiety prevented me from functioning at school. I dreaded going in, I was having regular panic attacks and my self-esteem was extremely low. I was seeing the school councillor, but my mental health was not improving so I searched for private therapy. I heard about Lynn from my Mum’s work colleague, who had highly recommended her to my Mum. 

Something that surprised me when working with Lynn was how great I felt after each session. I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and felt good for the first time in a while. Lynn is incredible at pulling me out of my irrational thoughts, helping me come to conclusions I hadn’t thought of before. I am now able to take a step back and look at the situation in a different light and have even found myself able to do this for others.

I have really enjoyed the hypnotherapy sessions; I found them very relaxing and all my anxiety drifted away. Since seeing Lynn I have been able to take control of my life, stop pressurising myself and setting too high expectations for my exams, school work and other areas of my life. 

The main reason I would recommend Purple Tree Therapies is because it changed my life. Without it, I wouldn’t have had the tools to improve my mental health. Lynn gave me healthy coping mechanisms and practices that I will carry with me forever. 

Thank you Lynn, I am so grateful!

(Bella came to see me for a block of 5 sessions before Covid.  She returned for another block post-covid for a top-up, and she’s blossomed into a beautiful young lady, having learned to put her previous anxieties and pressures behind her.  Really enjoyed working with her.)



Poppy C, Broadway…  “I understand the saying you can guide a horse to water but it has to be the one to choose to drink. But i could not have made this turning point in my life without you.

I was at my lowest my anorexia was 95% of the voice in my head, I was only seeking help to please others around me. Little did I know that it would be one of the best decisions i could ever make in my life so far.

You have provided me with tools to help calm me, lift the voice in my head and prevent me from thinking so negatively but also boosted me with motivation to get better.

I am not completely better that i can say with certainty but i wouldn’t be in this place with a huge desire to get without your help.”

(This feedback is from a lovely young – 15 year old – lady, who is suffering from Anorexia.  She’s on her way to getting better, but the important thing is she ‘wants’ to get better now, and take control of her thoughts and anxiety, which is a very different place to where she was when I first met her.  We now meet for ‘top-ups’ occasionally, but she’s definitely heading in the right direction and I’m so proud of her determination and willingness to succeed.)


Nicola D, Yorkshire…  “My son had been struggling with low self confidence, anxiety and anger for over two years after a bad relationship and I could see a slow decline in him over this time.

I’d mentioned he get help on numerous occasions which he refused, he always said he thought nobody could help him as he’d never open up to a stranger.  Thank goodness after he was at an all time low he asked me to find him some help.

I contacted someone locally but they refused for me to be at the initial meeting (just to be there for him which he wanted). A family friend suggested Lynn and even though we live 140 miles away Lynn said it wasn’t a problem as she would see my son via zoom and if he did need a face to face we were happy to travel.

As soon as I saw Lynn on that initial meeting I knew she was the right person to help him and he did the majority of the talking which was fantastic. He has since had 3 one to one zoom sessions and he is a different person. He’s really took on board everything Lynn has suggested he do, got rid of some old demons and self-reflected no end.  I’m over the moon how he’s opened up to Lynn and got so much out of the therapy sessions.

Its wonderful to see him like himself again and see him happy without looking like he’s got the world on his shoulders.  Please don’t see distance as a barrier Lynn could basically help anyone from anywhere in the comfort of your own home.

Nicola (One very, very happy and grateful mum)


Alex B, Evesham…  “I returned to Lynn in the midst of a crisis & as usual her wonderful down to earth approach was a god-send! Sadly it was also in the midst of lockdown & meeting face-to-face wasn’t permitted for many months. As soon as we could meet we reconvened to do some hypnotherapy working on or with the inner child which hopefully was the missing piece in the puzzle.

I definitely feel that it released a lot of stuff & was pivotal in the next stage of growth & healing.

I really value Lynn’s down to earth, practical, no nonsense approach, whilst she holds the space beautifully for you. She creates an atmosphere of safety & support & I thoroughly enjoyed working with her & found it hugely beneficial.

I would absolutely recommend you talking to Lynn if you are struggling as she will help you unlock & release these struggles so that you can live the life you have dreamed of & deserve.


Sara G, Cheltenham…  “Well what can I say….this wonderful lady turned my life around. The hypnotherapy chased away the demons I had been harbouring for years. If you are struggling please go and have a consultation with her, you seriously won’t regret it!”


Rachael H, Twyning…  “Today is the one year anniversary of our first session and I just wanted to say a big fat THANK YOU!

I am no longer that terrified girl so full of fear and tears. This year has brought on many great changes and it all started on this very day. Going from small steps which have added up to a much happier life.

As of today I have a job with changing shifts which I happily adapt too. I am up bright and early and out of the house with dog for walks. I’m driving further and doing different things. And when I’m anxious I go ahead and do it anyway.

You are an amazing person and an excellent guide, who walked with me towards a better life. Sometimes holding my hand and others pushing me forwards. I will forever be grateful for having you in my life.”  ❤️

(This testimonial is from a young lady who was terrified to go out alone.  She was frightened of driving alone, terrified of getting a job, had eating problems and was generally insular and just not living her life to the full.  What a difference a year makes!)



Kate C, Fladbury…  “Before I found Lynn, I was in a really dark please with everything. I felt weak in many ways and unable to express my emotions, which in turn made me feel angry with myself.

Relationships in my life were strained and I did what I do best, buried those feelings and buried myself into my work. I decided that I needed to make a change for the good and so I did a lot of researching into talking to someone; someone impartial, someone external to all situations in my life and someone who could understand and help me.

As soon as I met Lynn, I felt instantly at ease and I knew that we would get on wonderfully… Which I feel is hugely important. This was my “first time” seeing anyone, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but it all felt totally natural, comforting and an experience that I’ll treasure for life.

I feel like I’ve achieved so much since seeing Lynn; I am able to express myself better, I find saying, “no” a lot easier and I don’t lock all these feelings inside anymore. Old habits die hard, true, but I find myself often asking, “What would Lynn say?” And this just gives me the confidence that I once didn’t have.

The thing that surprised me the most about doing therapy with Lynn was that there was nothing “clinical” or “stiff” about the experience. I could talk freely, without judgement, without any bias; it was just a breath of fresh air going to see her every week. And also, I really looked forward to it; the weeks couldn’t pass quick enough until our next session together!

I would hands down recommend anyone to go and see Lynn. If anything like me, you might not think that you want to talk to anyone, but I promise, as soon as you make that leap of faith, you wouldn’t regret it. There’s absolutely no pressure from Lynn, again, another important aspect for me.

As soon as I entered Lynn’s little room of serenity, I felt like I was home. It felt safe, peaceful, relaxing and so comfy. I also very much loved the fact that she has the 2 cutest pooches that used to pop in & cuddle up!

I feel like I’ve made a friend for life in Lynn; I know that I could call her whenever I want and she’d always be there for me. The door is always open and that makes me so happy.

Thank you so much Lynn, I’m so glad I found you. xxx”


Jo B, Alcester…  “I had been struggling for many months before I plucked up the courage to contact Lynn for help. I was suffering with panic attacks, sleep issues, feeling that I was useless in both my personal and professional life.  A complete sense of feeling lost really and most days I just wanted to get in my car and keep driving. I have always been the go-to person for all my friends and family, the ‘coper’ for when they had problems and I was always there to sort everything out for them or be the ear and reasoning they needed to get them past their latest challenge. However, it suddenly dawned on me that I didn’t have that person for me and this led me to feeling quite alone at a time when I was, for the first time in my life, struggling to cope.

After seeing Purple Tree Therapies as a recommendation one day on Facebook, I thought about getting help then after reading some of the testimonials of people feeling the same as I was, I saw how Lynn had helped them get through it. But I was ashamed of how I was feeling and decided I would work through it myself, I’d just ‘pull myself together and get on with it’ like I always did.

By August though the panic attacks were occurring up to 4 times a day with quite physical effects. After one such attack that happened whilst I was on my own with my 7 year old, triggered by nothing of real importance (we had run out of Strawberries!) seeing her terrified little face whilst she asked what she needed to do and who should she call to get help forced my hand to finally admit I needed help.

I knew as soon as I spoke to Lynn on the phone I had made the right choice in getting in touch, from the first conversation I felt at ease and knew I could talk to her openly. I just knew she would not be one to judge. The subsequent sessions with Lynn helped me understand what panic attacks were, why I was having them and Lynn gave me tools to get me through them when they occurred.

There were other things that we addressed during our sessions, things that were triggered by things going as far back as early childhood that made me behave the way I do today in certain situations – it was all very enlightening to be honest but it made sense.

Using the tools that Lynn has given me I am able to handle situations much differently now and I also take more time out for myself than I did before – without feeling guilty about it – even if it’s just for 10 mins a day, like reading a chapter on my kindle, going for a walk at lunch time at work…

Although I still do have the occasionally panic attack now and then, they are few and far between, and I am able to come out of them much quicker than I was before. I have also learned that the world will not fall apart if I can’t do everything and with a bit more help from everyone at home (something else we worked on!) things are kind of ticking along just fine!

As someone who never gives up on anything – as seeing giving up as being a sign of failure, one of the biggest things I have accepted since my time with Lynn is that it’s OK to let go of things that you’ve tried hard to hold on to that are no longer good for you. This one realisation alone has made the world of difference.

I personally can’t thank Lynn enough for her support, not only is she so lovely and a pleasure to spend time with, just having someone to talk to who didn’t judge or criticise was a massive step in the right direction but the way Lynn has helped me look at thing through completely different eyes has made the real difference. To that end I have kept one session in the bank for the ‘just in case’ day but I may just use it to see Lynn again as I actually miss our sessions together 🙂

So my advice to anyone who is wondering whether or not to get in touch with Lynn, is take the chance. If you are struggling and not sure how to get out of that hole, Lynn will have something tucked away in her magic toolkit that really can help.”


Hannah R, Harvington…  “My initial reason for reaching out to Lynn was for someone to talk to; someone who would listen and help me lay out all the pieces so I could see things a little clearer.

Walking into Lynn’s home felt like visiting a friend and she immediately made me feel at ease. It was good to have someone to talk to who wouldn’t just tell me it will all be fine but made me think about why I might be having these feelings and how I could change my thinking.

Thank you Lynn. I would definitely recommend Purple Tree Therapies.”


Alex B, Harvington…  “I decided to seek help after sinking to rock bottom at the end of 2 fairly epic years & having had brushes with mental health previously I recognised the warning signs.

Purple Tree was recommended by a friend of a friend.

I must admit I was a little sceptical initially, even at our 3rd meeting I was still a little on the fence & then something just ‘clicked’ & it all came together.

I really appreciated the solution focused approach. The hypnosis was amazingly powerful & the little ‘tricks’ especially 7-11 breath very insightful & helpful.

I really enjoyed working with Lynn she’s open & makes the whole process fun!

I would definitely recommend Lynn & if you have any doubts go to your consultation with an open heart & an open mind.”


Charlotte H, Hampton…  “Before I contacted Lynn, I was feeling extremely overwhelmed with life and was lacking any self-confidence. After trying various options, I decided that I wanted to break the cycle and tackle the problem directly.

I found Purple Tree Therapies website and contacted Lynn nervously a few days later. As soon as I stepped through the door for the first time, Lynn made me feel at ease and I just knew I had made a good choice.

Lynn has been an amazing guide throughout our sessions. She has given me the tools I have long needed to work towards tackling issues that before were holding me back and affecting my everyday life; I have always left feeling more hopeful and confident that I did when I arrived.

After just four sessions, I feel like I am back in control of my mind. With Lynn’s advice and the methods she has given me to cope with my overthinking, I am headed towards the new year and I can finally see the light at the end of what has felt like a very long tunnel.

I cannot recommend Purple Tree Therapies enough! Thank you, Lynn!”


Pip B, Evesham…  “Having been to see Lynn many times over the past couple of years, and still have a ‘top-up’ occasionally, I knew I could turn to Lynn for help guiding a friend who has recently experienced a huge trauma and I felt they were struggling.

Over the last few days Lynn has been at the end of the phone and responding to my messages with guidance, advice and an appointment for them if needed.  Lynn has gone above and beyond for which I’m extremely grateful as I’ve been very concerned about my friend.

Thanks Lynn knowing you can help is reassuring should they need it.”


Karen M, Evesham…  “When I rang Lynn I had been suffering from depression and anxiety for 5 months and was desperate for help.

She has been amazing and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I felt safe and relaxed enough to talk openly about how I was feeling and I left my first session feeling more positive than I had for a very long time.   She has helped me to think differently about myself and my feelings.

I have had depression on and off for many years.  It goes but it always comes back but with Lynn’s help and knowing she’s always there if I need her makes me feel more confident than I ever have, that I can control it and stay well.

Thank you Lynn you’ve changed my life.”


Marsha W, Littleton…  “I was not in a good place, everything just seemed so much effort and I could not really be bothered.

I saw the advert for purple tree therapies, thought it looked like a good idea ( I knew I needed help) and did nothing.  Then a few weeks later I contacted Lynn to see about making an appointment.

It was good just to talk to someone about how I was feeling.  There was no pressure just a good pair of ears and some good ideas about how to start feeling better about myself and life in general.

I have now completed a course of sessions and signed up for a further course.  Progress has been made and tips and ideas have really helped me start to sort myself out.

I was surprised how relaxed I felt in the sessions and how easy it was to talk without feeling judged.  I am still a work in progress but definitely feel an improvement has been made and will continue to put into practice some of the suggestions that Lynn has made. Not all of the suggestions work but it is good to be able to pick and choose the ones that suit you.

I would definitely recommend Lynn and  purple tree therapies and feel that no matter what I could always contact her.”


Jenny, Evesham…  “I was pretty sceptical on trying therapy, a few friends had said how it had helped them over the years but I really wasn’t sure.

I spent most of my first session with Lynn in tears and actually it was a release.  Lynn didn’t stop me crying but let me explain through the tears my anxiety/panic attacks and how they were affecting my everyday life.  She made me see that they were having a bigger effect than I had even thought.

The one thing I remember from that first session was that there is ‘no magic bullet’.  It’s about learning to manage anxiety. It’s hard to hear, as you want a magic bullet but she explained she could give me the tools to manage it.

Over the coming weeks we worked on different ways of managing my attacks before they became a tsunami.  Lynn has mentioned about hypnosis and I am a bit of a control freak so wasn’t keen, but Lynn didn’t push this and by the time I was at session 3 I was ready to try (anything to help).  We did a small session and it was amazing how the time flew.  We did a longer session at a later date and I really think it helped.

Throughout all of my sessions Lynn was welcoming, easy to talk to and was always listening.  That is what is needed when you suffer with anxiety/panic attacks, you feel like it is only you going through it and it is a relief to find someone who is there just for you.

Thank you Lynn for listening and the tissues, you really have made me see anxiety in a very different way.



Graham C, Nr Bourton on the Water…  “I came to see Lynn as I was having relationship issues which were also affecting my confidence.

Lynn quickly made me feel comfortable and allowed me to open up in confidence and within a pleasant environment.  Lynn has a very nice approach and is a very good listener. She quickly helped me understand some of my challenges and what I could do to help myself improve, and hopefully my relationship.

With the advice Lynn provided things slowly started to improve and I am now at a much more positive stage and my relationship has improved greatly.  Lynn gave me to ability to see things from different perspectives and I found this to be extremely powerful.

At the end of the sessions, I left with much more confidence and I am back to my usual, confident self.

I will miss the session we had as it was always a pleasure to talk with Lynn.

NB – Constructive criticism, no biscuits :-)”

Thanks for that, Graham – will make a mental note!  Ha-Ha. x

Heather M, Cirencester…  “I was struggling with anxiety and depression and it was having a very negative impact on me. I didn’t feel able to do anything social, I felt trapped and that I was an inconvenience to everyone in my life.

A friend recommended that I talk to Lynn and at first I was very nervous, but Lynn was able to make me feel relaxed and comfortable. She made everything as easy as possible, and made it clear that I was in control the entire time.

The therapy room was very inviting and I felt more at ease as soon as I was in there. Knowing that it was a safe space made it so much easier to be open and talk about my feelings, something which I had never really done before.

Lynn created some scenarios to help me say what I wanted to say and to help me understand why I was feeling the way I was, and how to change it. Some of them were fun, some were very imaginative and some were just really eye-opening.

Hypnotherapy was something that I had never experienced before, but I was up for trying it. Lynn explained everything clearly; she was brilliant and made me feel very safe. It was an incredible thing to experience and really helped me gain control of myself and my feelings.

After having a few sessions with Lynn, friends and colleagues would come up to me and say how it was nice to see me smiling and happy again. My confidence has increased and I have learnt numerous ways of how to deal with my reoccurring negative thoughts and anxieties.

I am very glad that I made the phone call to Lynn and started this journey. After 5 sessions with Lynn I have done things that I thought I would never be able to do, due to anxiety, and using the techniques she has taught me I keep progressing.

Lynn has been incredible every step of the way. Starting with very simple welcome notes & directions, and finishing with a note to say that she would be delighted to keep in touch and hear how I am getting on.

I would definitely recommend Lynn to anyone who is struggling and needs a helping hand. She is so lovely, friendly and kind as well as being professional.

I really appreciate everything that Lynn has done for me, I have got my life back.  Thank you so much. I will definitely be in touch.”

Terri S, South Wales…  “Having suffered with depression, anxiety and low self esteem for many years I had tried various forms of therapy, including NLP and hypnotherapy.

I think fate played a part in bringing Lynn and I together, for that I will be eternally grateful.  From the moment I met Lynn she put me at ease, she is warm, open and honest, I felt able to relax without fear of being judged.  I had a course of sessions with Lynn, we worked through various techniques and I can honestly say I feel like a new version of me, so much calmer.

I highly recommend anyone who is struggling or in a dark place to get in touch with Lynn.  Thank you Lynn from the bottom of my heart.

Laura C, Worcestershire…  “I’m surprised at how good Lynn made me feel and in such a short space of time! My life changed out of the blue 18 months ago and in complete denial I did the very British ‘stiff upper lip’ method of coping. I found Lynn through Facebook about 7 months ago and talked myself out of contacting her. I just wish I hadn’t wasted those 7 months…I won’t make that mistake again.

Everyone says ‘just change the way you think’ but until you recognise what you’re doing and why, that’s a hugely difficult thing to do. It’s so easy just to absorb blame and end up in a spiral of negativity until someone, thankfully in my case Lynn, shows you what you are doing, why you are doing it and how to break the pattern.

When I first saw Lynn my self-esteem and confidence were at rock bottom and all I wanted was to feel the way I used to. Lynn very quickly got to the root of my issues and straight away showed me not only how to manage what I was feeling but that maybe I shouldn’t be trying to go backwards but forwards to something better. Lynn is empathetic, honest and great fun and never judgemental, however trivial you might feel your problems are.

Thanks so much Lynn I feel like I’m getting my life back….but with a new improved me!”

Paul W, Bristol…  “Lynn was recommended to me by a friend following the death of my wife, my soul mate, some 5 years before.  I felt I had lost direction, I was scared of being alone and was not confident of myself in relationships.

Lynn was wonderful. Lynn put me at ease the instant we met.  Lynn walked me through the steps we would be taken during our journey together and let me know that we would travel at my pace.  Importantly, she also made it clear that we could go over old ground if we needed to.  The surroundings at Lynn’s home made the sessions so much more enjoyable being so quiet and comfortable

We tried a number of activities each building on the previous ones.  The cumulative impact of these activities has been amazing.  I have now found a new zest for life wanting to try new things – even on a solo basis. My confidence has returned and the world is a brighter place.  I will continue to see Lynn, albeit on a less frequent basis, as a life coach to use as a bouncing board for new ideas.

I owe Lynn a great debt of gratitude.  Thank you.”

Sally N, Worcester…  “Well what can I say…. I had been hit with the most awful situation of my life. Panic attacks…. I never even knew the mind was capable of such thoughts/feelings.  I was in a place that I had no idea where to turn.  The NHS was no help as the waiting lists for any kind of help or support were months long, I felt I wouldn’t manage to wait that long before I went crazy.  So I did a google search for therapist who can help with panic and anxiety and I came across Lynn.

I’d done a fair amount of research and had contacted a few other therapist, but for some reason Lynn made me smile, made me feel that I might actually be able to find an end to this awfulness.  So I booked a block of session.  Yes I was scared and nervous, I think even at my second session I was in such a panic attack about going to my session I had to get my husband to drive me. I turned up on Lynn’s door step in mid attack.  God knows what she thought when she opened the door.  But at the end of my session I was in control.  and from there it just got better and better. With the tools that Lynn gave me and taught me I was able to control the panic.
This was 5 months ago, I haven’t had a panic attack for about 3-4 months.  I still have the anxiety but most of the time I am able to manage it using the tools that Lynn has given me.  I’m shortly going back to Lynn for my final session which I’m very much looking forward to.
Lynn has been amazing, going above and beyond, even phoning me first thing some mornings to help me through the panic, which isn’t something she would normally do.  She’s fitted me in last minute as she knew how much I needed help with this.  She really has been amazing.”

Joan T, Bidford… “I was suffering from anxiety, depression and resulting insomnia when I first contacted Lynn.  Over the course of a few sessions I was given strategies to help cope and move forward with my life.  I found Lynn to be very understanding and felt comfortable and relaxed in her presence.  I still have a long way to go but thanks to Lynn I’ve started my journey to recovery.”

Sarah F, Tewkesbury…  “I had been thinking for some time about finding a therapist to help me. After searching on Google I found Purple Tree Therapies and read about Lynn and how she had helped many people. I decided to take the plunge and give it a go. I must admit to feeling very nervous and apprehensive about going to my first session having never engaged in anything like this before. However, I have to say Lynn was warm and friendly, and soon put me at ease. The surroundings were relaxed and informal which helped.

My first session consisted of identifying what my problems were and what I hoped to achieve from our sessions. In further sessions we proceeded to discuss and explore mechanisms and coping strategies that I could utilise in my day-to-day activities.

I found all the sessions to be very informative, practical and positive. They helped me to understand and examine how my mind worked and ways to eliminate negative/destructive thoughts that were acting as ‘blockers’.

At the end of my sessions I feel I have achieved a lot of positives. I have not eliminated all of my problems, but thanks to Lynn I am certainly better equipped to implement the strategies I learned in order to help myself move forward.”

Patsy D, Evesham…  “To be totally honest I didn’t really know what to expect from my sessions with Lynn, I just knew that I really needed some help.

I had had the most horrendous couple of years. My husband had nearly died and was subsequently very ill, he was in heart failure. I had had a promotion at work and was desperately trying to succeed in my new position but worries at home had made this difficult.

I was exhausted. I had not been taking care of myself. I really didn’t know where to look for support and I felt desperate.

One day whilst walking my dog I noticed the sign for ‘Purple Tree Therapies’.  It was on a house that I had walked passed a hundred times but I had never noticed the sign before. I decided to get in touch.

Lynn made me feel at ease, she is approachable, professional and friendly.

I felt able to discuss my issues openly and even talked about problems that I hadn’t gone to discuss.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I soon began to understand that Lynn wasn’t there to solve my problems, but she was there to listen, be supportive and to provide me with the tools with which I could start to solve my problems myself.

Lynn’s approach gave me the confidence to go home and discuss my problems with my husband. I began to have more self-belief, better self-esteem and the mind-set that I was worth investing in. Lynn made me understand that if you keep giving and not putting something back then you will become empty, this is what I had been doing for so many years that I had to learn how to give back to myself.

I saw Lynn for a couple of months. I have achieved so much since and continue to move forward. I have completely stopped my bottle of wine a night habit (which I had convinced myself I needed just to get through each day).  I have straighten out my finances, following frank and open discussions with my husband, which I would never of had the confidence to have done before. I have enrolled in the ‘Isabody’ 16 week challenge, which again I wouldn’t of thought myself worthy enough to do, and I have been nominated for a ‘Inspirational leaders’ award at work.

One of my biggest achievements was coming off my antidepressants. I had been on them for 7 years and at quite a high dose.  I totally believed that if I didn’t take them I’d spiral out of control and probably have a breakdown. I made the decision to come off them during my time with Lynn, I was sure she was the person to support me through this process, and she did.

I am eternally grateful for the help, support, guidance and skills that Lynn provided for me, and I know that she is always just a phone call away.

Thank You Lynn xx”

Joe C, Evesham…  “I saw Lynn’s blog on Facebook and decided to give her sessions a go. I was suffering with anxiety and lacking in confidence and it had got to a point that I wanted it gone!

I instantly felt comfortable talking to Lynn and sessions were tailored to what I wanted to work on. As each session passed I gradually started to feel the anxiety fading. I’m a very logical person and Lynn explained what I was feeling and why and various things I could try to handle it.

When I could see the anxiety and negative thoughts for what they were and use the tools I’d learned to handle the thoughts/ feelings before they took hold, I think that was a real key to my feeling better.

I’ve been feeling so much less anxious day to day and even in situations where I would be really anxious I know I can handle it and even though I might still be anxious it’s definitely turned down a few notches from what it was and know it can only get better!

I’m still working on the confidence but it is improving and I feel confident (excuse the pun!) that I will get it back!

I wasn’t sure I was “bad enough” to warrant therapy but it’s been worth it. It didn’t feel like what I understood by therapy, it’s more about learning skills to keep my mental health in good condition.
If you’re struggling to keep on top of your anxiety like I was I really recommend you try Lynn. I don’t think you’ll look back.”

Karen P, Stourport on Severn…  “I would highly recommend Purple Tree Therapies. Lynn has helped me immensely at a very stressful and emotional time in my life. I felt much more optimistic and hopeful for the future after just one session. Lynn is such a lovely, genuine lady and turned my negative outlook into a positive one.  Thank you so much, Karen.  x”

L.M., Cheltenham…  “I’ve suffered quite badly with anxiety and intrusive thoughts for the past few years. Lynn came highly recommended from a family friend, and whilst I was at first quite nervous and unsure about therapy, Lynn made me feel very comfortable and at home. She is also great at painting a clearer picture of how the mind works, whilst helps with introspection.

Attending her sessions, I felt myself opening up and being honest because I felt that she would be understanding not pass any judgement. Her sessions have helped to relax me and bring me down to earth. It’s early days, but I’m feeling more positive for the future!”

Jo P, Evesham…  “I went off to sleep easily last night, even slightly earlier than normal! Also woke up feeling really positive and in a good mood (not a morning person!) I enjoyed the hypnotherapy yesterday, it was a surreal feeling but a good one. See you soon, thank you again.”

A week later, this follow-up message came from Jo…  “So, last night I went to bed and really struggled to sleep, it wasn’t the usual insomnia feeling, I didn’t feel anxious and it wasn’t another bad dream, I felt amazing.  I had a really excitable feeling that I haven’t felt for probably 18 months or so … I felt like me.

My head feels so clear, if I think about any of the things that were making me anxious I just feel my shoulders shrug or my eyes roll, it’s a nothing reaction, I have no emotion towards it which is better than I could ever have thought the results would be!  I don’t know what you said to me during the session but thank you and welcome back me!   …I feel great, thank you!”


Debra S, Honeybourne…  “I cannot thank Lynn enough for helping me through a very difficult time of extreme grief and stress.  The sessions were calming, relaxing and very beneficial.  With Lynn’s help I was able to move on, marry a truly wonderful man and accept a new life.”

Abby W, Worcester…  “From the start I felt I could confide in Lynn without being judged. She is a warm, approachable yet professional practitioner and her therapy room is so relaxing – a welcome escape from the stresses of life. Her house is clean and bright and open and I felt safe there.

I’ve only seen Lynn a few times so far but have found the exercises she’s given me very useful to help me focus on finding out more about myself, what motivates me and what makes me tick. I look forward to further sessions with her in the year ahead.”

Janet A, Evesham…  “I first sought out the help of Purple Trees as I wanted to try hypnosis to stop smoking.  However, during my first session I ended up feeling so safe and comfortable that I divulged how much stress and anxiety I have been under for many years, and how I had a complete lack of self-confidence and self worth. Our sessions then took a different approach as it became apparent that I wasn’t in the right head space to quit smoking at this time.

With Lynn’s help and support I was able to discuss my deep rooted anxieties and Lynn showed me new and positive ways of looking at my many issues, which were having such a negative impact on my life. I have now completed my first five sessions and feel much more positive about myself and my own ability to continue working on my problems using the tools Lynn has given me. This by no means will be the last time I shall be seeing Lynn because once I have gained more strength in myself and feel I’m in a much better place I will be returning to get help with quitting smoking.

For anybody that is considering going down this route, I would highly recommend it.  Lynn offers the most relaxed environment and is herself one of the nicest, kindest and down to earth people you could ever wish to meet and who makes you feel instantly safe to open up about your worst fears and deepest darkest emotions – showing you how to shine a light on those dark places.

Once again thank you so much Lynn and will be seeing you again in the New year.”

Karen S, Evesham.. “After struggling with claustrophobia and emetophobia and various work and relationship issues, Lynn has taught me some techniques to help calm me down and change the way I think about things.  Even just talking through my issues with Lynn makes feel calmer.  Lynn does not judge and offers sound advice.  Thank you so much, Lynn.”

Anthony S, Evesham.. “Having suffered from anxiety and feeling like I’d made poor choices in my life, I had the world on my shoulders & I was left with a huge void.  For 12 years I have been coping, without really knowing how to deal with my issues.  However, after taking the plunge, realizing enough is enough, I contacted Lynn and dealt with my issues head on.

I can honestly say, I have not looked back and it was the best support and guidance I have experienced, ever!

I was made to feel so relaxed, whilst feeling comfortable enough to pour out my past issues and start the road to recovery. After only 4 sessions, I am in the best place mentally and I now have the tools to deal with problems, adapt to change and move forward with my life, with my beautiful wife and son, in the way I’d always hoped to.

I am absolutely over the moon with the results and lucky me, I have 1 session left to use when I fancy it, what a Brucey Bonus. Thank You so much Lynn, you are the best.  Regards, Anthony”

Briony M, London…  “Visiting Lynn was an amazing experience. She helped me to positively re-frame my thoughts around some past experiences. She gave me many different strategies to manage my anxiety and low confidence going into new situations! Thank you :)”

Jo F, Pershore…  “I stumbled across Purple Tree Therapies on facebook and after reading the reviews I thought this is something that could be of great help to me. I had been feeling very lonely and suffering from low self esteem and depression.

On first meeting Lynn she was very friendly and explained her techniques and put me at ease immediately. She has been a big help and shown me the way to move forward with my life in a positive way and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending anyone who needs a little guidance or help in their lives to see Lynn.”

John O, Evesham…  “I would never hesitate in recommending someone to see Lynn.  I wish I’d met her sooner as it would have definitely helped me in my situation. I only had a few sessions but I was so surprised at how much I took away from each session and how quickly my outlook changed on things that previously bothered me. You definitely will be in a better place after seeing Lynn.”

Liz, Worcester…  “I approached Lynn for support and life coaching as I was feeling low in mood and demotivated after taking early retirement from my job of 40 years.  I felt I had lost direction in life as my work had been all consuming and very rewarding.

After 4 sessions of  a mixture of Hypnotherapy and counselling, my mood improved greatly.  Lynn helped me to look at aspects of myself, my reactions, and thoughts from a different, more positive perspective.

We looked at what my core values in life are, which helped as a guide with forward planning and also focused me on appreciating the many positives of my life as it is now.

We worked on thought training to manage repetitive negative thoughts and confidence boosting to improve my self esteem.

I would highly recommend Lynn, she is very welcoming, puts you at your ease, has a lovely therapy room! and has helped me move on in life and look forward to the next chapter!!”





Vicky L, Burlingham…  ”  I found Purple Therapies via a quick Google search.  I made contact with Lynn who got back to me very quickly to discuss my needs and to arrange an appointment.

The location of Purple Therapies is easy to find and peaceful.  Lynn was very welcoming and very easy to talk to which is important. I felt able to open up and discuss issues with Lynn straight away as she put me at ease.

Even after my initial session I felt an improvement in myself.  I would recommend Lynn to anyone.


Amy L, Offenham…  “I was referred to Lynn by a friend.  I wasn’t sure “therapy” was for me, however Lynn explained what we could do and I decided to give it a go.  I can honestly say I have never looked back!  She’s helped me completely change my life around.

Rather than getting caught up and obsessing over comments made by people in my life I am actually living and enjoying mine.  I have also built up the confidence to start over in the career of my dreams.  And the big black painful feeling in my chest has gone!!


Emma T, Evesham…  “I started seeing Lynn due to a life changing event and it really affected my already debilitating anxiety. We had a chat on the phone to begin with and I immediately knew I liked Lynn as she was upbeat and friendly. Since going to see Lynn I am in total control of my panic attacks and actually haven’t had one since seeing Lynn which is amazing considering at one point I never thought I would leave the house.

Lynn has given me invaluable tips to control my anxiety and taught me to prioritise my thoughts. Lynn is incredibly welcoming and makes you feel at ease and comfortable the minute you walk into her house. I would highly recommend Lynn to anyone who is suffering with anxiety etc. I am so glad I went to her! X


Vicky T, Evesham…  I went to see Lynn after she was recommended by a friend who Lynn had cured for fear of travelling.  I’ve had OCD and mostly unwanted thoughts for over 20 years have seen many people and tried various techniques to cure myself with no joy.

I have had 5 sessions with Lynn and can definitely say my thoughts are now in control and I have no negative energy.  I’m living my life like I should have done.  We have talked over thoughts and I’ve finally realised I am in control of my life not anyone else.  I now go out feeling happy, not worried, and have a very chilled outlook which was something not in my vocabulary.
I had 3 sessions and 2 hypnotherapy sessions which I felt were amazing.  I cannot thank Purple Tree Therapies enough for curing me of my phobias and demons.  Just wish I had met Lynn years ago.


Kirsty S, Hanbury…  “I was definitely unsure as whether this sort of thing would help me or whether it would be a waste of time. When I got to Lynn’s house she instantly put me at ease and I felt much more comfortable. Lynn is very kind, understanding and helpful, she makes you feel as though you could say/do anything and she wouldn’t bat an eyelid.  I have only been for one session so far but I can already see huge improvements in my outlook and I feel much more positive. It is something that I would recommend to everyone.


Louise H, Worcester…  “I found Purple tree therapies on Facebook by chance. After reading people’s experiences I plucked up the courage to get in touch. Lynn rang me and from this first conversation I knew she was the next step for me. 

I was suffering from depression, anxiety and low self worth. Through various techniques Lynn helped me to see and deal with things differently. She gave me tools to change my thought processes and relaxation techniques as well as building on my self confidence and self worth. I went on an emotional journey over the sessions I had, changing my mindset and how I see myself. This is such a positive step forward for me.

If you are reading this and thinking you’re not sure, I can honestly say go for it! Lynn is so welcoming, reassuring, friendly and most importantly gives you the ability to see things positively. Thank you Lynn. P.S – part of my anxiety was biting my nails. So far, 2 weeks on from finishing my course with Lynn I no longer bite!”


Nat T, Evesham…  After trying lots of forms of therapy for anxiety I believed it to be a lost cause and that my thoughts would continue to control my life for the rest of my days, then I found Purple Tree Therapies and all that changed for the better!

From the moment I entered Lynn’s home she made me feel welcome and relaxed, as did her lovely 4 legged friends. The treatment room is comfortable, relaxing and private and during the free consultation Lynn explained the different techniques and the way hypnotherapy works. After just 30mins I knew that Lynn was dedicated to taking this journey with me with her warmth, knowledge and understanding and I’ve never looked back! It was like visiting a trusted friend; Lynn is honest and caring and I genuinely looked forward to our sessions.

We worked on a variety of issues and I can honestly say I’ve never understood myself as well as I do now and am starting to see the positive changes of using the tools I’ve learned; the handouts are also really helpful to refer to at a later date.
Thank you Lynn for everything you have helped me to understand and for your ongoing support, I can’t thank you enough!   You really are an incredible lady, thank you for everything xx”



Jade C, Worcester…  “I was very nervous about going to see Lynn, but since day one she made me feel at ease. She is very friendly and welcoming. She has showed me some great techniques that I will continue to use and has made me learn a lot about myself and my mind! If you are ready to put in the work too I would really recommend it. I just want to say a big thank you Lynn for everything you have showed me and for the support. I will miss our sessions and I will really miss my cuddles from your lovely dog!”  x x


Mark B, Evesham…  “I went to see Lynn when I was very confused and felt I had no one to confide in. I guess I just wanted someone to talk to without judging me. The whole process was very smooth and Lynn made me feel extremely comfortable right from the very first text message. Upon arriving for my first session, I was warmly greeted by Lynn and her 2 very friendly dogs, one of which accompanied me throughout the session, and continues to do so now. The therapy room is very welcoming and you almost feel like you are at home. I found Lynn very easy to talk to and confide in, and she made me feel very comfortable in what was quite an uneasy situation for me at the start. I have now had 4 sessions and I feel completely invigorated and I am now thinking very clearly. Although you won’t get the answers from Lynn, or any therapist for that matter, the way Lynn questions and guides you through your thoughts helps you immensely so that you can find the answers for yourself. Thank you Lynn.”


Frances L, Evesham (aged 13)…  “I would like to say thank you for everything you have done for me.  You have helped me so much and have supported me and been patient with me when things have been tough for me.  You have given me new eyes on how I now perceive the world around me.  I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me and without you, I don’t know where I’d be right now.  You have been an angel for me and because of you I’ve started to become a different person.  May you have a blessed Christmas and take this time to relax and be with your family and the people you love.  I hope you have a jolly Christmas and I hope you receive everything you wish for because you deserve it.  Merry Christmas and may you have a happy and successful New Year!!!”  (Reproduced with Frances’ permission, and her mum’s blessing, with the words: ‘You can put it on your testimonials as it demonstrates how much you helped my daughter – or shall I say saved my daughter’s life…’)


Anna C, Worcester…  “I came to see Lynn 2-3 times to help me deal with depression and healing from past emotions that were resurfacing. I’m a solution focused girl and like to look at ways to move forward positively. Lynn makes you feel heard and understood, she does not push her stuff on you but rather listens and makes suggestions. She has a great toolbox to ease you from angst to calm. Only go if you are willing to do the inner work and ready to heal. It’s worth it.”


Paul L, Evesham…  “Easy and stress free.  Comfortable and calm surroundings where the ball is always in your court. Would recommend to anybody who would like help in dealing with their thoughts.”


Sally J, Cheltenham…   “After many weeks of feeling at a very low ebb due to illness and family difficulties, a friend recommended Purple Tree Therapies to me to try and get my life back on track.  I had 3 sessions with Lynn at her house.  She is a lovely, quietly spoken lady, not at all pushy or overwhelming.  She helped me tremendously with techniques, contacts and encouragement in a relaxed atmosphere and made me feel that life is good after all.

I would thoroughly recommend Lynn to anyone who feels that the stress of life is getting too much.”

Debbie L, Defford…   “I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone who is suffering from anxiety, stress, depression or if they just don’t feel happy with life in general.  The tools you used have transformed my life!  I am able to let go of things that previously would have had me worrying for days.   Even during major meltdowns with my son (who is on the autistic spectrum) I am able to take myself out of the situation mentally and calm myself surprisingly quick. That would have never happened before my sessions with you. I genuinely cannot thank you enough..”

Anne C, Worcester…   “I went to see Lynn when I was very low, unable to control my emotions and lacking confidence.  I’m in a senior management position so this was causing me concern.  From my first conversation with Lynn she made me feel very comfortable and in control and this continued when I meet her at her therapy room which is very calming and relaxing.

After my first session I came away feeling much better with some coping techniques to help when my emotions would normally take over.  I was surprised after only a few sessions how much better I felt and how my emotions were under control.
I have Lynn to thank for supporting me through a difficult time and I’m delighted to say I still feel great and have never looked back.  I never thought I would need therapy but would recommend Lynn to anyone needing support.”

Kim W, Upton-upon-Severn…   “Lynn is a lovely lady that makes you feel welcome and relaxed from the offset. She explains her work and techniques in great detail and in a way that is easily understood. I visited with my daughter who was having counselling and Lynn allowed me to sit in on the first half hour where she explained all about herself and her work. I was very impressed and the surroundings were beautiful and tranquil.”

Tina G, South Littleton…   “So, so beneficial. This lady has helped me enormously, I’m doing so much more than I was three weeks ago. . . Thank you, Lynn.”

Chris P, Evesham…   “I came to see Lynn at Purple Tree Therapies following a recommendation from a friend.  I wanted (needed) to get rid of my smoking habit and now the date is set and realistic.  In the meantime Lynn showed me why I continued to smoke, and I realise this habit was a deep seated by-product of how I feel about myself, and perceive the life I was living.  Now, within a few appointments, I’m a happier more relaxed person. If I start to get down in the dumps I stop and follow the steps Lynn has taught me, and soon snap out of it. Thank you so much Lynn.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Purple Tree Therapies to one and all.  A SMALL PRICE TO PAY FOR MY SANITY.”

Emma P, Evesham…   “I have struggled for years with anxiety, depression, and feeling inadequate with the main issue in relation to not feeling good enough due to issues with my Father.  I’ve tried many different therapies and therapists. Although good, they only dealt with the immediate issue. The issue on the surface, not healing the deeper issues which plagued me for many years. Then I found Purple Tree Therapies and what can I say?  It has changed my life, no longer is my mind in control of me, but I am in control of it, my thoughts, my life.

Lynn is incredible.  Although it’s a professional relationship, she feels like a friend to you.  She genuinely cares and is so welcoming. The space is lovely and relaxing. The added bonus of dogs to cuddle, if you wish, is amazing. Loved my Ernie cuddles.  The variety of techniques used are brilliant because they look at different areas.  I had hypnotherapy in my last session and it was the most enlightening feeling… I have never felt so free or relaxed in myself.  I cannot recommend Lynn highly enough and she is worth every penny. I have had five sessions and my mentality is completely different. I genuinely looked forward to my sessions and no doubt I will see her again in the future for top up sessions to keep me on the up. Thank you Lynn xxx”

Glenda V, Alcester…   These words were written in a ‘thank you’ card from Glenda:  “Thank you again for your wealth of information, tools and care.  Have a great summer, love Glenda.  PS – I will be filling ‘my’ bank, and I hope you do too, as you give so much.  x”

Beth T, Cheltenham…  “I started having sessions with Lynn when I had reached a low point in my life, I went with a very open mind and didn’t really know what to expect.  But, I can honestly say its the best thing I could of done, not only did I feel completely relaxed, I felt like she listened to every word I said!  I have now come away feeling a millions times better in myself, like a whole weight has been lifted from my shoulders and would recommend giving it a go to anyone – thank you!!!”

Sam S, Evesham…   “I need to say a huge thank you to this lady. All my life I’ve had travel sickness and as an adult it got worse and worseby chance I met Lynn and we got chatting I told her how it was and she offered me help…  Lynn – I’ve done lots of miles and today I’ve been on a ferry to the isle of white and thanks to you I’ve done it smiling and enjoyed every minute of my travels!!! You truly worked a miracle.  Thank you.  Sam

Mark D, Evesham…   “It was the testimonials that were left by other clients that made me contact Lynn and her fast response showed that I was dealing with a truly professional person who is passionate about helping people overcome their fears, phobia’s etc.

Lynn makes you feel at consummate ease so between the two of you, the root cause of the issue can be easily established. The key is that Lynn involves you so you feel ownership in the techniques you derive together so you want to go away and implement them and you understand why they are working.

Lynn also cares, she will contact you after to see how things are progressing and will work with you to keep the agreed techniques in place or work with you to modify them.

It is rare for me to write a testimonial but Purple Tree Therapies inspired me so much I felt it was only right to share my positive thoughts with others.

Jill C, Alcester…   “I found Lynn very pleasant and understanding. She helped me with my anxiety by giving me some suggestions to calm me down.

Rose F, Worcester…   “Lynn is a lovely lady and is very welcoming.  She has a calming voice & I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere in the tastefully decorated therapy room where she talks you though all the different techniques tailoring her approach to your needs.  After years of feeling unworthy, & having worked with others, I now have a more positive approach to my life than I have had in years.  Lynn gave me techniques I can use going forward to help me if I need them, and I always left my therapy sessions feeling alive & happy. Thank you Lynn – like I said: you are an angel”.

Feedback from talk given to Facebook group in Worcester… Very interesting and informative…” (Jean A.) “Lynn is very approachable and made NLP easy to understand and beneficial…” (Jo H.) “Interesting speaker, welcoming with an open discussion that tailored it to our group…”  (Amanda L.)  “Very good.  Very chatty & informal feel whilst retaining structure…”  (Maria B.)  “Good to know there are alternatives to medication or CBT…”  (R.D.)  “A great way to help others with any issue they suffer with!…”  (Claire T.)  “Interesting & informative…”  (Debbie T.)

Donna M, Evesham… I was feeling lost before I went to Lynn and very low, not knowing which direction to go in.  I have had a lot of therapy in the past and had never tried NLP, but would definitely recommend it. The room was lovely and relaxing and Lynn took things at my pace. She gave me strategies to help with my thoughts which I use all the time.”


Sue T, Tewkesbury…  “Thank you so much Lynn for seeing my daughter recently regarding her anxiety issues. You were very professional in how you dealt with her and she is managing things well at present..”

Michael A, Tewkesbury…  “Your approach to dealing with my son has been refreshing and unique which I think has come as a very pleasant surprise to him. None of the same old stuff he’s been through plenty of times before. You have formed a very good relationship and I think it gives him comfort to know we can always return to you if required. We will recommended your services to others.”

Hannah K, Worcester…   “My sessions with Lynn really helped to paint a clearer picture for me to move forward with my life. Lynn is welcoming and friendly, and I felt completely at ease talking to her about things that I felt I couldn’t tell anyone else.  I will definitely return for future sessions.”

Julie W, Bewdley…  “Have had several attempts at therapy before and have always backed away.  Right from the start I felt comfortable with Lynn.  I had no self esteem and was very uncomfortable with myself as an individual.  Following Lynn’s sessions I have a great deal more self liking, and a great deal more fondness for the future.  Lynn respects me and for this I am truly thankful.  Can recommend her – no question!!!  Thanks Lynn.”

Lydia C, Worcester…  “I haven’t had many good experiences with therapists in the past, and was slowly losing my trust but Lynn changed my point of view completely. She was the one who was there when I needed someone to listen – to care.  She was open, warm, and friendly from the very first conversation, so I felt safe and welcome. Lynn is such a very experienced listener and observer and seems to understand more than you can tell her just with words.  It is very easy to meet her on the same page.  I just feel very safe with her.  She gave me a positive optimistic feeling about myself and the way that lies ahead of me.  Can’t wait to continue my therapy with her.

Sara C, Upton upon Severn…  “I cannot recommend Lynn and Purple Tree Therapies highly enough. Lynn is a warm, welcoming person with an empathetic nature, who takes time to listen and understand your issues, and is never judgemental. She uses various techniques (hypnotherapy, visualisation, and listening) to help find something that resonates and works for you to help you deal with situations and move forward.

She always follows up between sessions, checking on your progress and how you are getting on.

She has been an amazing help to me over the past few months helping me to find my confidence again, face my fears and learn how to deal with stress and uncomfortable situations both at work and in my personal life. I cannot believe my transformation from the woman who walked into her therapy room with no self confidence, suffering from very bad stress with a complete inability to see how I could ever return to the old me, to the woman I am now – fearless, confident and excited about moving forward with my life.”

Heather H, Evesham…  “I have, so far, only attended one session with Lynn however I wish I had done it sooner! I do not find it easy to say what I feel normally however Lynn was so welcoming, easy going and non judgemental that I was able to open up. I am looking forward to my next session and learning more about myself and how to deal with my current issues. Thanks to Lynn I have also discovered meditation. If you want to move forward with your life and feel that something is holding you back I strongly suggest that you give this lady a call for help.” 

Sally B, Redditch…  “When I arrived at Lynn’s house I was immediately made to feel really comfortable and at ease, and I was then taken to the therapy room, where once again I felt calm and relaxed.  I have had hypnotherapy before but Lynn explained in great detail what would be involved and it felt very different to my other experiences.  My session was focussed on my phobia about flying, & Lynn provided me with a tool kit to try out next time I fly (and I will!)  We also looked in great detail as to where my phobia comes from and why I still choose to maintain the fear.  I found this really interesting and it made a lot of sense.  Although I’m not sure if my fear has gone completely, I do feel more able to use the strategies we discussed to make it much more manageable, and I feel really happy about the outcome.  I’m now looking forward to my holiday in Barcelona with excitement and not the fear I usually have which actually spoils my holiday.  Thanks Lynn – I will be back to work on other issues as I have confidence in both your knowledge and your approach.”

Fliss G, Tewkesbury…   “Lynn was recommended to me by my husband. I have known her for years but hadn’t considered therapy until my husband came back home after each session with a brand new attitude and a spring in his step.I’ve always felt positively about therapy but didn’t really feel like I needed it. But after a few failed diets I realised that my relationship with food was a real issue that would need more than a short term fix. Lynn’s helped me to understand my triggers, how my mind works and how my path in life has conditioned me to think in certain ways. Through providing key techniques she’s shown me that I’m in control of my eating, not the other way around. Who knew I was such a control freak?
I’m 4 sessions in and saving my last one for when I may need it. I’m on a long-term plan to have a different, healthier outlook on food and I’m heading in the right direction. I didn’t realise I was getting anxious in some situations and the tools I now have make me feel equipped to navigate anything life throws at me.” 

Mr PBM, Worcestershire…   “I never thought that as an experienced professional leader that I would find myself in a place where I was uncertain and confused about the future and the impacts of the past.

But with Lynn’s help I was able to understand what I was feeling and why; and then was able to move forward with confidence into a new stage of my life.

I now realise that no matter who you are, it is never too late to look for help and I would recommend taking that first step with Lynn supporting you.” 

Karen W, Badsey…   “I have suffered from anxiety for over 30 years which has manifested itself in various ways – over time I have tried to put things in place to help me manage it on a day to day basis but it was always there in the background and I felt it could be triggered at any time.  I have never resorted to medication but have often felt on the cusp of having to do that.. 

I decided to contact Lynn as I had a traumatic personal experience during lockdown which I tried to manage on my own but as the 1 year anniversary approached I felt myself getting increasingly more and more anxious and normal daily tasks became much more overwhelming.  The real catalyst was when I was unable to attend a birthday celebration for my husband with some friends as I felt I really couldn’t leave the house – even though he said he understood, I could see how disappointed he was and I found myself lying to our friends regarding what was wrong as I didn’t want to admit the real problem! 

When I spoke to Lynn for the first time she said that she had never not been able to help anyone struggling with anxiety and although I was probably a little sceptical initially, I can honestly say that has definitely been the case for me – she is really adept at helping you relax and open up to get to the real underlying issues that are causing the problem.  Work is a real stressor for me as well and talking through what is expected of me on a daily basis and how I had been coping (or not!!) with that was a real eye-opener.  The environment is very calming and there is no judgement whatsoever so you can say exactly what you feel..

Lynn has provided me with some excellent techniques to help manage my anxiety (and also my work stress) which I have put to good use and they have really helped.  What I found really beneficial as well though, was that she was also very good at explaining what was happening to me/my body and why I was experiencing the symptoms I was.  Knowing what was happening and understanding why my body was reacting the way it was, has enabled me to manage my anxiety much better and gain control of it much quicker. 

After 4 appointments I felt much better, so I have banked my 5th appointment so I can go back and see Lynn when I need to – offering her clients the flexibility to be able to do this is great. 

If you are teetering on the edge and wondering whether to reach out for some support I would highly recommend Lynn at Purple Tree – you definitely won’t regret it.



Amy P, Hampton…  (Extract from Amy’s covering message, including her testimonial – reproduced with her kind permission…)

 “It is very tricky to write, in words, how much I have enjoyed and benefitted from the sessions with you. I honestly tell everyone and anyone about you and the difference you have made to me. Thank you so much.”


“After months of feeling incredibly low, trapped in my day-to-day life and lacking in self-worth, I decided to contact Lynn at Purple Tree Therapies. She was recommended to me via a friend and I am incredibly thankful that she was!

From the outset, I felt comfortable and supported by Lynn. She made me feel at ease and validated in my thoughts whilst explaining some of the physical and psychological reasons for their existence. Using her knowledge, strategies and research, she enabled me to explore some of the organic reasons for my feelings and put in place processes and solutions to regulate them. The tasks she gave me to complete between sessions facilitated further self-reflection and opened up much needed conversations with my family too. Very soon, I felt empowered to start making changes that have had a huge effect on my well-being and on my life in general. I have spoken to my friends openly about these sessions and how I feel indebted to Lynn for, quite honestly, turning my whole perception of self around.

Lynn, thank you for your knowledge, support and patience. I am extremely appreciative I got to work with you and will be forever grateful of the impact you have had on my life.  

Thanks,  Amy”



Lorna C, Evesham… “I contacted Lynn after she helped me hugely a few years ago and hoped that her approach would help my daughter with a number of things that were making her very unhappy.

Lynn knew the basic background through my sessions but approached them very differently with my daughter. From the outset the boundaries were very clear, I would not be privy to what was discussed unless Lynn felt it necessary and this gave my daughter the freedom to speak openly about how she was feeling.

After only two sessions the difference was noticeable and they both agreed that for now the two sessions were enough. There are still issues that we work through but crucially my daughter now recognises the signs that cause her emotions to spiral and become uncontrollable and we can deal with them before they become overwhelming.

She also has the strength to address lots of things, including the reason she came to Lynn in the first place.

We can’t thank you enough.”

This was a lovely testimonial from a mum of a 15 year old daughter who was struggling.  It’s nice to hear that the changes in my lovely teenage client can be seen by those around her, and that her mum can recognise a difference in her daughter, after only 2 sessions. x

(NB – it’s very rare that I share a client’s words – generally only if the client is threatening self harm, or harm to others.  And even then, it would be discussed with the client beforehand, and agreed that his/her GP would become involved, or in extremely rare cases, other professional bodies.  Boundaries area always discussed at length, with all clients,  prior to commencing any work together.)


Polly D, Evesham… “My life seems to have been ruled by anxiety, my favourite saying being “I’m afraid of my own shadow “, which best describes how I feel most of the time.  I have “coped” with this in various ways over my time here on this earth, and as long as life is behaving itself I manage, albeit in a fashion.

Of course life doesn’t always behave itself and after a recent health blip I felt myself going into free fall. I had only just met Lynn, through another avenue, but enjoying her company and feeling I had connected with her, my health blip seemed the right time to ask for her help professionally. I had absorbed everything on her Purple Tree Therapies website and realised this lady was going to be the one to help me heal my wounds and give me the tools to navigate myself through lifes ups and downs.

Lynn was caring and compassionate but above all her professionalism shone through and it was so obvious to me that she clearly had this need within her to help everyone who needed it, for whatever reason.

A massive thanks Lynn for helping me see that I don’t have to live with anxiety when things aren’t running smoothly in life, but can find a different approach – a way to help myself find the inner strength and knowledge and use those tools, taught by you, to come through tough times.

I can’t recommend this wonderful lady enough and if you decide to pick up that phone and call her you will not look back.”

Lovely to see this lady blossom into a more confident version of herself, and start to believe herself to be capable of turning things around when she wants to, rather than being taken over by the anxiety that plagued her in the past. x


 Ash M, Tewkesbury… “My name is Ash.  I originally sought help with Lynn at Purple Tree Therapies because I had anger issues and have had depression for many years.

Day to day I would fly off the handle at the smallest of things and would become extremely low over things that shouldn’t make you feel that way.  My colleague had been to Lynn many years before and suggested that I contacted her to discuss some of my issues.

After a quick chat on the phone Lynn and I organised a date to start the journey. Each visit tackled different areas, discussing “calming” methods, diving into why I was struggling – each week offered something new.

Now my block of 5 sessions has come to an end I have noticed a change in myself. I have been able to come off my anti-depressants, which I thought would never happen. Not only myself but others within the work place and my social life have stated they have noticed a difference in my character – which is really nice to hear.

As a young man, there is a stigma with discussing mental health and “demons” but what surprised me is that all of those feelings left as soon as I entered Lynn’s lovely home. The results that we have attained from our sessions have exceeded expectations as I never thought I would be able to feel so much better, in such a short period of time.

I would recommend PTT to anyone who is going through a hard patch of life, or who feels anger or pain from previous life events.  And this is because it will definitely help you become a stronger and better person.

If you are contemplating visiting a therapist, then I believe that is enough of a reason to pick up the phone and give it a blast, you will feel so much better once the sessions are done. 

To summarise my experience, I went in with a level of doubt which was quickly forgotten with the kind and calming words of Lynn.  She has helped more than words can describe and I feel I have come a long way.”

Ash was a delight to work with.  A quietly spoken, unassuming and polite young man of 25 with his whole life ahead of him, yet haunted by his past that was dragging him down. An incredibly macho man who turned to violent contact sports to express himself, yet with a big soft underbelly!  His ambition was to get his anger and depression under control, and leave the anti-drpressants behind – all of which he achieved within a few sessions.  So proud of you Ash – you’re a lovely young man who will go far.  Hugs. x


Janette M, Pershore…  “Lynn was recommended to me by a friend.  After months of deliberating about investing in therapy I feel I made the right choice in contacting Lynn. 

Lynn is a very friendly down to earth lady that made me feel totally comfortable and relaxed on my first session.  The room is very homely and I felt very chilled on the comfy recliner. 

I have had anxiety from childhood and was getting worse as I got older.  I discussed my innermost private feelings with Lynn that I wouldn’t usually do with my closest friends which was very freeing as I knew I was in a safe environment with someone I could totally trust.

I now feel in control about things that literally kept me awake at night.  Rather than dreading my nights sleep I now get into bed and my quality of sleep has improved making such a difference to my thoughts.

I know I can contact Lynn at any time if I feel I need a top up, as you can’t put a value on feeling positive and being able to live a more stable and happy life.

Thankyou Lynn.   x”

I enjoyed working with this lady who worked very hard to recognise what was going on with her thought patterns, and then change them.  She has told me she might be in touch in the future for a ‘top up’ but I don’t think she needs it – she’s got this!  And as she moves forward with a different mindset, she’ll find it easier and easier to keep on track.  Happy days. x


Rodney C, Evesham…  It’s been a difficult, stressful and busy time for me since seeing you, not least of which has been the sad loss of a close member of my family.  Consequently, apart from a very short trip on a motorway, (literally a few miles), I haven’t really been able to determine whether I’m in a better place than I was after seeing you for my fear of long distance driving.   

That aside, I did find our sessions very helpful and I’m glad that I was recommended to come and see you. 
I wasn’t expecting a miracle cure for my panic attacks which had worsened in recent years – nor was I expecting a “lightbulb moment”.  However, there is no doubt in my mind that you have helped me to rethink the problem, with a positive and objective target to master it.   I don’t think it will happen overnight, and I will have to work at it, but you have given me the framework to work with, and it’s up to me, now, to do the rest. 
You put me at ease during the sessions, and made me think about where I really am with several things in my life, not just the motorway driving issue.  After all of our meetings, I felt invigorated and more confident and optimistic about the future. 
Although I was a bit concerned about running over time at the first session, you clearly weren’t, and you never were at any of the sessions, if they ran over.  That speaks volumes about your care and interest in your clients. 
I have one more session with you (that I’ve banked) and I look forward to having that at some future date. 
Although my problem was quite a limited one that is more of an inconvenience than life affecting, I can see that you would be great at helping people across a variety of issues and I would recommend that they come and see you, as they would have nothing to lose and almost certainly everything to gain by doing so.
(Reproduced from a message received from Rodney, with his kind permission.) 



Stuart K, Worcestershire… “Without a true understanding of Mental Health, depression or anxiety I could not understand how or why I felt differently.  Men are less likely to be aware of their feelings or mental wellbeing and I was lucky to realise that I had an issue.

I was aware of the work that Lynn does through knowing people who had sought her help and decided to investigate further.

She guided me to be aware of my feelings and to control my thoughts.  I was able to be open with her from the offset which relaxed me and enabled me to commit to the therapy.  I was very fortunate to realise that I had an issue early but more fortunate to have found a therapist like Lynn. She obviously has great experience and a real empathy for those that try to help themselves.

In the nicest way I hope never to see Lynn in a professional capacity again and do not think that I will because of the work she has done for me.  I will be forever indebted to Lynn for her help and guidance.”

It’s so gratifying to work with men who put aside their fears and learned prejudices to seek help when they need it.  Stuart was a joy to work with and became more and more insightful as the sessions went by – learning to read his own thoughts and understand them, rather than be swamped by them.  Not an easy process sometimes, but after our 5 sessions together, I very much doubt that I will ever need to see Stuart again – he’s nailed it!

CCM, Worcestershire… I decided to see Lynn as I was particularly unhappy with my life which seemed to consist of continuous work and little focus on me and gaining any pleasure out of life. I was driven but not in a good way.

From my initial engagement it was clear that Lynn was very experienced and really easy to talk to and work with. She was confident and relaxed in her capability and this transmitted to me and allowed me to discuss issues in a comfortable environment. Through the sessions I learnt a lot about myself and how to make my life better.

If you are wondering if you need counselling on a particular issue, then I would suggest do not question but rather seek help. If you do reach out for assistance then you could not be in more competent or capable hands than Lynn.

Men historically find it difficult to reach out for help, so I was delighted to see the changes this client made to his life – both at work and at home.  He is a much more relaxed, comfortable person now, and is taking on new challenges as he’s learning to enjoy his life in a new way.  Happy days. x

Hannah G, Evesham… “Before seeking professional help, I struggled a lot with everyday activities which caused anxiety leading me to miss out on a lot of opportunities. After my sessions with Lynn, I am like a new person. Situations which would cause anxiety before, I now take on with a spring in my step.

I can’t thank Lynn enough for all of the help she has given me.  Thank you very much Lynn!”

Jo A, Broadway… “Dear Lynn, Thank you so much for all your help during the past few months. You have given me insight into what’s going on in my brain, you’ve armed me with many tools with which to fight my anxiety (which I’m already putting to effective use), you’ve made me feel like I’m worth something and all of these things have been delivered with your refreshing (and sometimes wicked!) sense of humour.

I can’t thank you enough for your help. You’ve also left your door metaphorically open, which I really appreciate. Thank you, Lynn. I’m so pleased that I met you. xxx”

A little note from my lovely client reiterating that therapy really doesn’t need to be dull and depressing, but brilliant results can be achieved with a fresh, fun approach.  What a lovely lady.  Thank you for the feedback.  (Reproduced here with Jo’s kind permission.)

Ben D, Badsey… “When I started working with Lynn, I had had a difficult time in several areas of my life and was lacking self esteem and strategies to support my life. Working with Lynn has allowed me to talk about my own issues and personality and develop self-improvement strategies that are impacting not only on my own happiness and self-esteem but on the happiness of those around me as a result of improvements in my thinking and communication. Lynn has helped me understand myself and supported me on how to make improvements.

Lynn has given me invaluable help and advice and shared a number of tools that will always stay with me to help me deal with difficult situations in the future allowing me to channel my inner ‘Boris’ when needed! She continues to support and has offered ongoing support between sessions if needed.

I highly recommend Purple Tree therapies if you seek an experienced and talented therapist able to effectively deal with a range of needs.

(Like a lot of us, Ben was listening to two ‘parts’ inside him – both giving him differing opinions.  (I really think I ‘ought’ or ‘want’ to feel like ‘this’, but actually, I feel like ‘that’.  Sound familiar???)  After identifying those ‘parts’ he decided to call them Boris (the one he wanted to listen to) and Theresa (the one that was more vocal, dominant and seemed to want to be in charge, but not necessarily for the good.)  Ben is now using his new skills to allow ‘Boris’ more freedom to take control, and getting Theresa to take more of a back seat.  If you’d like to learn more about ‘Parts’ therapy, please let me know.  Lynn.)

Hollie S, Pershore… “Before I started my sessions with Lynn I was struggling with anxiety, low moods, and poor self-esteem to the point where I was struggling to function in day-to-day life.

Purple Tree Therapies was recommended to me by my mum’s friend and after a couple of previous failed attempts with other therapists, I decided to reach out to Lynn.

Throughout the sessions I felt at ease and able to comfortably open up about the way I had been feeling. Lynn provided me with great support, breathing techniques, and enabled me to reassess my life from a more positive and logical perspective.

Since finishing my sessions I have found it easier to manage my anxiety and identify anxious or irrational thoughts. This has not only improved my social skills and relationships with others, for the first time I feel like I have control over my life and am very optimistic about the future.

The room itself is welcoming and Lynn creates a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I never once felt judged by Lynn and was able to go at my own pace.

Lynn was always very encouraging and I am amazed at how much she helped me in just five sessions.

Overall, Lynn was a fantastic therapist and I couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone who is considering therapy.

(I was really pleased to receive this lovely feedback from my 19 year old client who was so painfully shy when I first met her, it was affecting every aspect of her life – social, work, home…  After working on some past experiences that were still getting in her way, it was a delight to watch her transformation into a far more confident young lady who uses the ‘tools’ we worked on together to control her unwanted thoughts, and enable her to enjoy her life once again.)

Jo A, Broadway… “I discovered Lynn through a friend who had found her to be invaluable in helping her own daughter.

We had been in a pretty dark place: my daughter has anorexia nervosa, and was at an extremely low ebb mentally. We’d already had sessions with another therapist who had not helped our daughter to move forward in any way; we were looking for someone who could give our daughter tools to help herself out of the scary chasm in which she found herself.

From the outset, Lynn was proactive, making us both feel at ease with her friendly manner (I had been left extremely anxious by our previous experience) and forward looking strategies.

She has a wonderfully no-nonsense approach; she was very astute, teasing out the truth if she felt that my daughter wasn’t being honest with herself. Lynn was excellent at ‘telling it like it is’ to my daughter, who found this very refreshing. I’m sure she trusted Lynn more because of it. Notably, if my daughter arrived at a session feeling really flat, she always came out in a more motivated and determined frame of mind.

My daughter has, as a result of working with Lynn, had a dramatic shift in her way of thinking. She’s been more like her old bubbly self (we hadn’t seen this for a long time), has stuck to her meal plan (a big deal for an AN sufferer) and has even started to talk about varying her foods (another big deal).

She optimistically talks about the future, and certainly has a more empowered approach to life. I can’t thank Lynn enough.

I’d like to mention that we came to Lynn during this dreadful, unprecedented pandemic. She couldn’t have made us feel safer, taking stringent measures throughout the sessions to keep the therapy space secure.

Finally, I hope to have some sessions with Lynn myself to tackle my anxiety. This is something I’ve put off, but Lynn has given me the confidence to face it head on by demonstrating what can be achieved with hard work and determination. Thank you, Lynn.

(Jo and I have now had several sessions together, and with her newfound strengths, coupled with those of her daughter, they are both finding new and creative ways to work on themselves, and together, to move forward without the friction and anxieties that used to hamper them both.)

Luke D, Maltby… “For several years I had fallen out with myself and couldn’t see the point of life anymore. I just felt worthless and pointless, I couldn’t see what good I was doing in life and how I was ever useful and just was negative about myself and everything in life.

I admitted nearly two years ago I felt like I needed help to get back to being myself again. I put this off and would never take the step to actually seek the help I felt I needed, I would always say I felt like I wouldn’t open up.

Eventually after it becoming harder and harder to put on a front I decided to seek the help I wanted and needed. Through a recommendation I contacted Lynn and it’s one of the best things I’ve done.

My sessions were via zoom due to the pandemic. Straight away Lynn put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. After first thinking I wouldn’t be able to open up, I was soon proven wrong and because I felt so comfortable was able to open up and say what I wanted and knew I had to.

Over my sessions we did a range of tasks including one looking at all my positive attributes and this was crucial for me and enabled me to see what type of person I am and helped me to be proud of who I am.

Having the therapy sessions is one of the best things I’ve ever done and would recommend anyone who is contemplating it to seek the help. You’ve got nothing to lose only things to gain by getting your life back on track.

I now feel so positive with life and feeling happy in myself without pretending to be happy and can be proud of who I am. That is what I wanted and with Lynn’s help have managed to achieve that and can’t thank her enough!

I just want to say thank you so much to Lynn, if you are struggling and feel you need help just do it!

Alex B, Worcs… I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Lynn & found her guidance & suggestions helpful. I had hoped we would nail it but lockdown has been a challenge, as it has for many, & Lynn was supportive with online sessions & I’m looking forward to continuing the journey with hypnotherapy once restrictions ease. If you are contemplating embarking on the journey of recovery, from whatever is tripping you up, I cannot recommend Lynn more highly.

Abby C, Evesham… Before my sessions with Lynn at Purple Tree Therapies, I felt like I had lost control of my thoughts and feelings, allowing others to influence them, so much that it was affecting my day to day life. A friend of mine had been to see Lynn and recommended her to me. I had a look on her website and felt that NLP could be a good way to help me get things back under control. The thing I liked most about my sessions with Lynn,  were that they were very upbeat, as opposed to some previous counselling I’d had where I would spend a lot of the time in tears and feeling low. Lynn is a very positive person and it was nice to focus on where we were heading rather than focusing on where I had been, and why I was there. Since my sessions, I have found that I am able to recognise unwanted thoughts, and have the tools to manage them and remove them if they are no good for me, which is a huge relief! 

Lynn was very quick to figure out what type of person I was, and what way of working I would respond to best. In between sessions, I was able to contact Lynn if I was unsure about anything, and I would always get a timely, detailed response. She made me feel at ease almost immediately. Quite an impressive thing to do, when you are about to open up your heart to a stranger.   Thank you Lynn!”

Jo C, Tewkesbury… “…Since I saw you last I cycled that 100 miles, I’ve been jumping the horse out in the field and enjoying it and I quit my job with the miserable people who were dragging me down and went contracting. I’m currently working with a lovely team and learning loads of new things. I was also supposed to be doing a half ironman this year but hey ho, that’ll be next year now!

I’m not listening to those voices – real or imaginary – telling me I can’t do things anymore. It was a gradual process after I left you but I think the coping skills and my thought processes about things that you helped me with are fundamental to some of the decisions I’ve made and definitely made me happier which in turn has turned the anxiety right down.

There’s been some interesting times over this past few months (as there has been for everyone) with all the stresses of the virus and I can’t say the anxiety hasn’t flared up at times. But I don’t let it take over anymore!

So thank you again. I know where you are if I ever feel I’m on the slide again.”

(Excerpt from an email received from Jo, who came to me 18 months ago, frightened to make the changes in her life she desperately wanted to achieve – reproduced with her kind permission.)

Elizabeth T, Chipping Campden… “I contacted Lynn when I felt I was at a crossroads, with practically every aspect of my life not making me happy and not really knowing where or how to begin to change that.

I found Purple Trees online and Lynn’s specialties seemed appropriate for me, we had a chat over the phone then an introduction.

Lynn’s down to earth and friendly nature made me feel totally at ease to talk about anything. Her many methods of making you think, discover and push yourself were invaluable in supporting me making the changes I was so desperate to do, and feel confident and capable of doing them.

I would recommend Lynn wholeheartedly, she really helped me to realise the person I am, clarify what it is I want in life and that actually all of those things are available to me. I especially enjoyed the homely feel of Lynn’s and her lovely dogs, who offer a bonus of cuddles!

Thank you Lynn for all of your help.”

Debbie M, Evesham… “I have suffered with mental health issues for a lot of years & seen a good few counsellors but none have helped as much as Lynn has, her therapy is very different to what I’ve had in the past & has given me tools to continue to tackle issues that may arise & how to cope with them. I was in a very desperate place when Lynn was recommended to me & I can certainly highly recommend her. On top of being a good therapist she is approachable & I felt really comfortable with her x”

Jan W, Bretforton… Hi Lynn. Thank you for being there! Sometimes we need to stretch out and find ourselves once again, as we become wrapped up in stuff that fogs our thoughts process. Felt relaxed instantly, safe and very much at ease on meeting you in your peaceful surroundings. Such a calming influence. This comes with a high recommendation for anyone considering contacting Lynn. First step towards finding you. x


Karen M, Evesham… “Lynn has helped me so much and I recommend her to everyone. She makes so much sense and helps me to see things in a different more positive light. She’s amazing.”

Rachael H, Tewkesbury… “Before seeing Lynn, my life was very narrow, I woke up in the morning just waiting for the day to be over so that I could got back to bed. I wasn’t living but just simply existing. My anxiety was so bad that just leaving the house was a constant battle of ‘what ifs’ and worse case scenarios. I had done CBT and mindfulness but they were temporary fixes for a serious problem.

On my first session with Lynn my mum drove me to her place and waited in another room whilst Lynn and I spoke. At the end of the session Lynn said to me that by the time I finished with her I would be driving to her place by myself. Well I laughed and smiled, whilst thinking that is never going to happen. Well I can tell you not only on my last session did I drive there by myself but later on that day I had my first job interview in years, now that is progress.

What Lynn does is guide you through the multitude of thoughts, feelings and emotions that overwhelm to help you understand which is you and which is the anxiety (or internal bully). She gets you to question why you are having these feelings and if they are actually true to the situation you are in, allowing you to stand up to the bully. When things were hard for me and the bully was winning, I knew I could turn to Lynn for help, she would message or call me and calm me down.

She is direct, honest and without judgement, which made me feel like I could tell her about all my worries and fears without them being dismissed or ignored. She made me feel heard and understood.

Lynn will teach you different tools and techniques for you to practice and allow you to discover which ones help you the most. Now make no mistake it is hard work and commitment on both parts and Lynn can only help if you let her, listen to her and follow her instruction. But at the end of the day she gives you your life back.

At the beginning I was also afraid to leave the house or to eat certain food.  I was getting up late in the morning, spending my whole day anxious about anything and everything, whilst not achieving anything with my day.  So by the time I went to bed all I could say I had achieved, was that I had got up in the morning. As of today, I am getting up at 7:30am (aiming to be earlier soon) and I am dressed and walking the dog before 9:00am. I volunteer several times a week whilst job hunting. Most of all I am LIVING everyday.  It may not be perfect but it is certainly a much more interesting life. Thank you so much Lynn! x


Parents of a teenager, Evesham… “We were recommended to seek Lynn’s help after a friend told us about the positive impact the sessions had had on their life. We were interested because this seemed a bit more than just talk therapy which we had already tried with little results.

Our teenager had been suffering from anxiety leading to panic attacks which were impacting on their school work and exams. After only the first session they felt incredibly positive and were able to see a way out of things. Lynn has given them the tools to take control and manage their anxiety.

Since going they have made lasting improvements to their life and for this we are incredibly thankful.”

Phil D, Badsey… “I contacted Lynn on a recommendation from a relative.  I was not in a good place at all having suffered with anxiety and stress, related to health issues and living in constant fear of recurring problems.

Thoughts were entering my head that were not at all welcome and for the first time in my life, I could at least partly understand what makes people do such desperate actions to escape.

Lynn is one of life’s rubber rings (no offence Lynn) when your floating in an ocean of despair. Lynn listens, and then listens some more and even this part helps just having an understanding ear to pour into.

Lynn is not a magician! She will walk hand in hand with you through the whole journey of recovery and teach YOU how to control the demons that are running your life! All this in a little haven of calm and comfort just you and Lynn and your worries.

Skills such as breathing (helps immensely) digging deep into your sub conscious and planting the tools / weapons you need to help you fight back. This after all is about me and you if you’re reading this. We have to use what Lynn has given us!

Don`t suffer in silence, there are wonderful people who dedicate their time to helping others and Lynn is certainly one of those people!

Thank you Lynn xx  Call her today.”

(Note from Lynn – I think I rather like being called one of life’s rubber rings!  Nice analogy Phil, thank you!)




Sally N, Worcester… “I saw Lynn after suffering a little bit of a break down. I was thrown into a world of panic attacks. It stopped my daily life. I was unable to go to work, couldn’t take my daughter to school.

Lynn helped me beyond words can explain, even to the point of phoning me in the morning (which is when I had most of my attacks) to tell me that everything would be OK and that I could do this.

I would highly recommend Lynn to anyone. I’m now fully back to normal thanks to the techniques that Lynn gave me and the advice and everything.

Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart. I write this review a year later, so the road to recovery isn’t fast and won’t happen over-night, but it will happen if you work at it.  xxxx”


Gemma D, Cheltenham… “Lynn made me feel so welcome and at ease straight away.  I know it can be a scary process opening up to people, especially someone who you don’t know, but I can’t recommend Lynn enough.

I started the process at an ‘8’, so utterly stressed out and not knowing where to turn, and left after 5 sessions at a ‘1’! The techniques she taught me have really helped me feel so much more settled in life, and have given me the ability to be able to just hit ‘pause’ before any anxiety or depression can take hold.

If you’re reading this please give the process a chance, don’t be afraid to be totally honest, Lynn has heard it all before. You never this could be the start of a whole new chapter. Thank you Lynn.  xxx”


Veronica T, Evesham… “I had heard good things about Lynn.  I was ‘not in a good place and so decided to contact her and make an appointment.  The first session went well and I felt comfortable in her lovely home. I didn’t feel anxious, just relaxed.

I have lived with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and lack of confidence which go hand in hand.  For many years I had almost convinced myself that was how things would stay.  I had tried different therapies over the years which helped short term but not NLP.

After working with Lynn I was able to look at things in a different way. Anything I wanted explained or just wanted to talk about, she was amazing.  I’ve now got a whole chest of tools and feel positive and in control which is something I haven’t felt for a long time.

If anyone reading this is thinking about seeking help, I would recommend Lynn.  She has changed my outlook and I’m very glad I went to see her.  Thanks Lynn you’re amazing.”


Kirsty W, Honeybourne… “Earlier this year (2019) I was having a really low time in my life.  I had been struggling with depression and anxiety for years and it got to the point of having a bit of a mental breakdown.  After speaking to the doctor about it they recommended some NHS therapies, but I have always found that they are not for me. So I thought about a different route.

A friend of mine had been to Hypnotherapy before and it helped her. Her friend had been to see Lynn from Purple Tree Therapies and she recommended me to give it a go.

I was always open to trying something new, so I emailed Lynn and we had a chat on the phone about how I was feeling and if she thought she could help me. Which she thought she could.  So I booked in, had my first appointment and after that I booked in for several more sessions.

Working on myself with Lynn through talking and Hypnotherapy has been a blessing. She is a miracle worker from how I felt the first time I had a session to how I feel now is amazing.  I’m back to my old self and feel incredible.

If you are reading this and wondering if a visit to Purple Trees is for you then my advice would be to give Lynn a call or an email as she is 100% honest and will tell you if she thinks she can help you.  You can go for an initial appointment and then go from there.

Lynn is an amazing woman, very down to earth and friendly.  And I feel if she could help me then she can help anyone.

I have now completed all my booked sessions and have reduced what medication I was on and feel amazing about myself which is the complete opposite end of the scale to how I was before.”


Laura C, Evesham…  “I’ve just finished my sessions with Lynn. I wasn’t sure how or when they would end, whether it was up to me to decide or whether Lynn would say. It actually turned out that we came to the same conclusion at the same time.

This is my second testimonial for Lynn and equally if not more so deserved than the first one.

Throughout every session with Lynn I have felt safe and secure and able to express my feelings without feeling judged or silly and Lynn was very clear throughout the sessions on what we would do and ensured I was comfortable with them. From this we were able to establish what would work for me and what might not. Lynn also enabled me to understand the patterns that were making me feel the way I was and how to break them.

I’ve gone from feeling completely broken and worthless to being able to appreciate myself again and recognise that actually I am an ok person and the situation I found myself in is not a reflection of me or my fault. When I first went to see Lynn I couldn’t even bear to look at myself in the mirror and my confidence was at rock bottom. I was also in complete denial about the fact that although I thought I was coping and absolutely fine…the reality was quite different.

Something that was incredibly helpful for me was that Lynn did not need to go through why I was there in minute detail – going over ‘the details’ each time would have been hideous but Lynn doesn’t work that way. She knew why I was there and what I wanted to get from our sessions but the focus was on me and getting me to where I wanted to be…not the reasons that took me to her in the first place.

I now have a number of tools to manage and deal with whatever is thrown at me but Lynn’s number will always be in my phone.

Thank you Lynn from the bottom of my heart.”

Michelle R, Upton…  “I approached Lynn for help managing my anxiety. She immediately made me feel comfortable with my decision to seek help and very positive that it was something that I could overcome. After each session, I felt more at ease and better able to deal with my anxiety. She helped me to realise that I was able to control and prevent my negative thoughts and I am now in a position to recognise when they arise and what to do to overcome them. I am very grateful for her help and I would definitely recommend her services.”

Andy U, Evesham…  “Wow!!  Me having a typical blokie approach to the whole thing – I don’t need help especially speaking to someone about my problems.  Things were getting gradually worse with me, creating issue in my head and really making myself worry and ill and not knowing how to move out of this situation.

I spoke with a friend of mine who had gone through a similar thing, mainly work-related issues. She had a few sessions with Lynn and said how she had helped her.  For the way I was feeling at the time I thought what do I have to lose, my worrying and sense of being trapped and worthless.

When I first contacted Lynn I was nervous unsure and felt at the start that I had failed by not being able to deal with things by myself and had to ask for help.  I was adamant I didn’t want to go down the medication route, so I spoke with Lynn.  After a 10 minute conversation I was reassured and I had booked my initial consultation.

When I arrived at Lynn’s house I was greeting by her with a big smile. I was taken to her therapy room and I felt very at ease as soon as I was in there.  I was able to talk very openly, and Lynn was a very easy person to talk to.

I liked the fact that Lynn will tell you very openly her thoughts and question things, which in turn makes you realise things aren’t as bad as you think.  I booked the 5 session and we seemed to make some great headway very quickly, I had 2 hypnotherapy sessions which were great.

I really liked the sessions, feeling relaxed and chilled whilst doing them.   Also the evenings after the hypnotherapy were the best nights sleep I’d had in ages.

After a few sessions with Lynn I was feeling better about myself. My work and family life were improving massively and I have started enjoying myself again.  Thanks to techniques I now  have tools to go forward with, and I am now able to take a step back and instead of only thinking of the worst case outcomes, I’m starting to see positives.

Lynn has been incredible throughout my journey with her (great satnav).

As a guy that doesn’t generally as for help as I’ve always seen it as a sign of weakness.  I beg you if your struggling and feel lost, get in touch with Lynn.  She will make you feel at ease speaking to her and she will help you see the future is a lot brighter than you are thinking now if you’re reading this.

Once again Lynn thank you very much.”

Claire A, Childswickham…  “If you are reading this then you have made the first big step on your journey… deciding to ask for help and looking to find where to get it. It can be daunting meeting someone for the first time and thinking you have to share with them your innermost secrets and darkest fears… but it’s not like that with Lynn at Purple Tree Therapies. Lynn will show you through to a welcoming room with a comfy chair and put you totally at your ease and talk through with you what you hope to get out of the sessions. Sessions are taken at a speed to suit you and your requirements. Lynn doesn’t have ‘the answer’, but you do and she will guide you throughout your journey helping you to unravel your thoughts and find your own answers and/or coping strategies.

I went to see Lynn for help as I was very confused about the situation I had found myself in, so many ifs, buts, and whys going round and round in my head. I didn’t know how to move on. I had very supportive friends and family but sometimes you need to speak to someone who is not involved in your life in any other way. Lynn helped me order my thoughts and seek ways of dealing with the events that had happened. Sometimes there is no answer as to why something happened but Lynn can help you move on.

I am now more confident and able to deal with life’s ups and downs without getting into a complete tangle. I am in control of my life.  Thank you Lynn – you have made an enormous difference.”

Paul R, Evesham…  “I have to say, when it was recommended to me that I should see a Therapist for my Anxiety, I was super sceptical.  I figured that it was an issue that could only be solved with Medication but I went along with it nonetheless.  During the course of my Therapy, I realised that Medication wasn’t what I needed, I just needed someone with a sympathetic ear to guide me through the darkness, and I found that shining light in Lynn.  Super easy to talk to which is what us stubborn men need in order to open up about our issues.

I’m now back on track, off medication and so happy that I made the decision to go.  Trust me, if you have any doubts as to whether or not you think it would help, rest assured, Lynn will be able to help you in a big way.”

Suzanne J, Kidderminster…  “I felt stuck and just couldn’t figure out how to move out of this. What ever I did didn’t seem to work, so I thought I would get some help. I went on the internet to look up local coaches and took it from there. I choose Lynn and had an initial call with her and then booked some sessions. I found Lynn very easy to talk to and the environment where the sessions took place very calming. It all felt very comfortable. Over the sessions we explored my situation and by the end of them I felt more in control of the things I could change and more accepting of the things I couldn’t at this moment in time.  So I would like to say a big thank you to Lynn and would encourage others to seek her help in what ever way is needed.”

Russell P, Studley…  “I was recommended to Lynn by my Auntie and after leaving it for a while my symptoms got to the stage where I needed to seek more help for my OCD, as the CBT I had previous did not seem to work for me.  I made the leap and on first contact Lynn was very friendly and made me feel at ease straight away.   The sessions were relaxed and at a pace that I felt comfortable with.  Lynn has taught me so many techniques that help me on a day to day basis and I cannot thank her enough. I will definitely keep in contact with her.”

Emily V, Littleton…  “I have struggled with depression and anxiety for almost 10 years on and off. Over that time I have tried many types of antidepressants, sleeping tablets, relaxants and other medications as well as NHS therapy (none of which have really been successful in dealing with the root cause.)  I first began seeing Lynn 5 months ago after a friend had been seeing her. Since the birth of my daughter in 2017 I had been struggling to get post natal depression and anxiety under control. It had been affecting my day-to-day life, work life, self confidence and above all, the relationship with my daughter and partner. Initially it was my partner who encouraged me to seek help but I admit, I was quite reluctant, thinking it wouldn’t work as I had tried so many other things in the past. The cocktail of medication I had been prescribed by my GP and psychiatric nurses left me feeling empty. I had become numb to the bad times but also numb to any good things that happened and I simply wanted to “feel” again. Lynn has helped me learn to recognise bad thoughts and challenge them, to recognise positive moments and relaxation techniques including hypnosis. Over the last few weeks I found the strength to wean myself off anti-depressants and also begun losing weight. I am now able to think more clearly (instead of having a meltdown like in the past) and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am finding much more in life to enjoy which feels fantastic after being numb for so long.”

Catriona W, Evesham…  “Before coming to see Lynn I had been suffering from anxiety and lack of confidence. I was very nervous before making/attending my first appointment, as I even feel uncomfortable emailing or using the phone. However, Lynn instantly made me feel relaxed and at ease. Lynn does everything she can to give you complete privacy and the therapy room is very comfortable.

During the sessions, Lynn and I tried several different activities to help me, as well as new ideas I could take home and try. They all proved very useful – I could apply these techniques to my everyday life and make positive lifestyle changes to improve my frame of mind. I really enjoyed all the sessions and I have learnt how best to handle difficult situations. Since meeting Lynn, I have been offered a new job (thanks to some special interview tips) and I am moving to a new area feeling much more confident and hopeful.”

Paul B, Evesham…  “When life just seems so complicated, and feels like it’s spiralling out of control, Lynn helps me find my inner anchor – keeping perspective on what’s important and letting go of the crap I don’t need.”

Tamas H, Cheltenham…  “Visiting Lynn helped me to organise the thoughts in my head!  Lynn used a variety of techniques that made each session more colurful and enjoyable.  I truly looked forward to each meeting we had!

The (hard) work must be done by yourself, but you can be sure Lynn will guide you through step by step to where you feel comfortable – to find the answer in yourself.  Very positive experience which helped me tremendously and I certainly feel peace within myself.

Massive thank you to Lynn and big hug!”

N.M., Evesham…  “I was in a pretty dark place when I finally got the confidence to get in touch with Lynn. I had recently gone through a lot of changes in my life (positive ones, but ones that seemed to fuel my insecurities and raise my anxiety levels!)  I’d reached the point where I knew that it wasn’t doing me and the people around me any good by continuing along the path of self destruction that I’d chosen.

With her help and support I really feel that I’ve managed to reprogram my thought patterns to stop negative thoughts from spiralling out of control. I do still get the same thoughts that were making me feel so low on an almost daily basis but now I’m better at recognising them, and dealing with them.”

Jo P, Evesham…  “I had reached a stage where I didn’t know where to turn or what was wrong but I knew it wasn’t me and something needed to be sorted before it spiralled too far.  I had experienced a run of bad luck in my career which had knocked the confidence out of me and despite being in a fantastic job, I felt completely lost and overly reactive in all situations.  I was finding myself unable to deal with anything rationally and bursting into tears as soon as I was alone.  To top it off my sleeping pattern was atrocious, if I managed to set aside my anxious thoughts and drift off, it was normally into a bad dream!

I was passed Lynn’s details by a friend and after a month’s battling telling myself it was unnecessary and that my problems couldn’t be that bad, I decided to make contact.  Lynn responded promptly and straight away put me at ease.

I attended the first meeting to a warm, welcoming environment, nothing clinical, nothing terrifying and most importantly, nothing to be ashamed of.  I finally was able to acknowledge that I needed help.

The way that Lynn has worked with me has been fantastic, it is a completely personalised experience and I feel amazing for it.  I am now able to calm myself before I get worked up and deal with things properly.  I have detached my emotions from the negative situation that I had previously been in, because Lynn has helped me to remember the positive things about myself, and that one bad situation shouldn’t make me doubt my abilities and above everything, that it was out of my control.

With the techniques that Lynn has shown me, I am steadily improving my sleeping pattern and haven’t had a bad dream for over 3 weeks, which is a massive thing for me!

I have felt comfortable and in control at every stage and the outcome is more than I ever could have hoped for, thank you Lynn xxx”

P.G., Pershore…  “I found Lynn at Purple Tree Therapies by googling ‘Therapists near me’.  I came across a review from someone who had suffered from a phobia of snakes.  I hoped that Lynn could help me with my phobia of birds and feathers.

I had suffered from an intense fear of birds since childhood but had never had to deal with it.  My husband died last year and I was particularly fearful of birds getting into the house.  Lynn has helped me with various techniques, and after several sessions, I have become able to cope with my fears.

I recently managed to carry a bird – what a difference from a few months ago when I couldn’t bring myself to even touch one.  This has made an enormous difference to my life.”

Emily V, Middle Littleton…  (A little snippet from Emily, who suffers badly with insomnia and anxiety, sent to me after her second visit to me, and reproduced with her permission.) 

 “Hi Lynn, just to let you know, I actually slept really well last night!  R**** actually had to wake me up this morning 🙂

Thanks very much for your help so far!

Jamie T, Chipping Campden…  “Lynn instantly makes you feel at ease and comfortable with talking about whatever is on your mind. I found her skill in opening up different thought patterns from within myself to be very helpful in recovering my confidence and self-esteem.

The range of techniques she has at her disposal and ability to work out what is right for the client in front of her makes Lynn a therapist I recommend wholeheartedly.”

Claire A, Childswickham…  “You made me feel so welcome and relaxed.  Even before we ‘got into it’ I knew I had found someone who would make a big difference to my life.  After our last session I went to see my friend for a cuppa who has been so supportive throughout.  ‘Cuppa or do you need something stronger?’ she asked.  ‘A cuppa would be lovely’ I replied ‘I feel great!’

Two days later my friend ‘C’ popped a card through my letterbox, she wrote:  ‘I just wanted to say what an amazing job you have done over the last few weeks.  I know you have a long way to go and that there are still plenty of ups and downs to negotiate, but right now I hope you are feeling as good on the inside as you look on the outside, with love, C’.
I know in my heart I am on the right track, I know it is not going to be easy, but with your continued help, and the support of my friends and family I know I will see this through.  Thanks Lynn.  Claire x”

Lou W, Evesham…  Lou came to see me at the beginning of this year.  She was paralysed with fears and anxiety – she had overpowering negative thoughts, catastrophised a lot of the time, felt guilty, a failure, and even had suicidal thoughts.  These feelings impacted on her family, potential relationships, travelling out of her local area – just about every area of her life.   I saw her a total of 5 times, and today, 8 months on, I received this message from her. (Reproduced & edited with Lou’s consent.)   Don’t you just love a happy ending?  

“So…. I’ve met the most wonderful, kind and special bloke.  It’s early days but it’s soooo easy… We laugh so much and just click….I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this before…

Today I’ve driven to Cambridge and back, you may remember my absolute stress about getting lost. Well I’ve bought myself a new car this year, got a decent satnav and thanks to you have got some self-belief!  Don’t get me wrong I was still worried but had to do this…  I’m so proud of myself.

I’ve got loads planned and booked for next year from a concert with my kids to a break away to Spain with the girls.

I’ve experienced a close friend losing her mum suddenly this year… but although really sad it’s pushed me to live a bit more and not be as cautious as I always was.

I think together with what you taught me and the tools you gave me I have come so far this year.  Ultra proud of myself and wanted to thank you again.  To think where I was this time last year and the thoughts I was having to now and how happy I am is absolutely massive!”

Alba H, Evesham  “I would complete recommend Lynn to people that have any type of problem.  She is so lovely, she transmits so much peace that you feel in a safe environment to let your feelings go.  Since the beginning, I felt very comfortable with her, like I could talk about anything with her and that was so helpful.

I found all the homework that she gave me to be really useful, it makes you learn so much about yourself and it gives you tools to change what is worrying you. Also the relaxation activities were very successful for me as I suffered from anxiety.  If you don’t feel happy about something in your life, please go and see her. She will help you and you will see the difference at the end of each session. It’s worth every minute you spend with her.”

Carol P, Evesham…  “As a young woman I often went to church.  One of the hymns we sang had a line that says “my chains fell off and my heart was free” – that is how I feel after my sessions with Lynn. This lovely lady has a way of helping you to reach your goals.  She never takes control, but she uses her skills to guide you to a more comfortable place so you can move forward with confidence.

You will not regret meeting Lynn, she is a fun and skilled professional who puts you at your ease within the first few minutes.”

Francesca B, Evesham…  “Lynn was recommended to me by a friend who had had wonderful results herself.  My own concern was anxiety while travelling, being away from home and especially driving on motorways in the rain. I instantly felt at ease and comfortable talking with Lynn. She explained how and why I felt like this and gave me extremely helpful ways to change my mindset and cope.

Something clicked from the very first meeting and after the fifth I was able to enjoy an amazing holiday in Scotland with no worries at all. I even drove through the Cairngorms in torrential rain for two hours!  Being able to talk to someone who completely understands what you’re going through is priceless and I will never hesitate to recommend Purple Tree Therapies to anyone who is in need.  Thank you again for all your help. I’m still using all my ‘tools’ and will continue to do so.”

Sarah G, Evesham…  “Lynn, as you know I’m not too good at this and I’m really not well but I just wanted to say how very welcoming, kind and reassuring you always are…  I felt at ease and I trusted you completely… I intend to return soon… I find your help invaluable.  Thank you so much.”  (Reproduced by kind permission from Sarah.)

Amy S, Worcester…  “I came across Lynn via a random search one day on Google.  I instantly messaged her as I knew I needed further help and support.  I had previously gone to doctors and received CBT but didn’t find this was exactly what I needed.  Once I had seen Lynn for the first time I got that instant connection and knew it was the right path to follow.

Lynn offered great support and I always felt at ease talking to her and being in her company as well as her 2 adorable dogs Harry and Ernie.

I had a good 8 to 10 sessions with her but tackled everything from my anxieties, depressions, life struggles etc.

Her home environment was always very relaxed, welcoming and professional.

Even on days I didn’t want to talk she understood and got me talking about random things but without me even knowing I was starting to open up and by the end of the session she had stuff down on paper 🙂 ..

I could literally talk for hours on how this amazing lady has turned my life around.  My whole thought process and way of thinking is so much more positive and motivational.

Don’t get me wrong I still have blips and bad days but Lynn has taught me strategies and techniques to be able to deal with the situation and I know she is only a phone call away if I need her.

She is a true inspiration and it has made me want to move forward in helping other people like me deal with their mental health problems. I found reading books recommended by Lynn has helped my whole thought process and it has giving me the strength to want to write about my own battle.

I will be forever grateful Lynn for how you have completely changed my life around.

Thank you.  x”

Sarah M, Chipping Campden…  “I had wanted to have some sessions with Lynn for some time and have just finished with my time with her.  I had 3 issues which I wanted to deal with which were quite traumatic for me, which without doubt affected my daily life frequently, even though they were from a long time ago.

It took some time and perseverance but we definitely got there in the end and dealt with everything.  I just wish I had done it sooner.  The mind is a very powerful thing and if you have psychological issues that need addressing then it can affect your life and all that you do quite drastically, often without you realising it.   I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lynn to anyone.  Thank you!  x”

Garreth S, Redditch…  “I was recommended to Purple Tree Therapies by a friend.  I was extremely nervous about confronting my snake phobia however after having a telephone conversation I immediately felt at ease.  Purple Tree Therapies is based at Lynn’s house.  It is easy to find and the room she uses is comfortable, light and very homely, immediately welcoming.

My first session was incredibly scary for me to get my head around beforehand but Lynn was very patient and explained to me not to get stressed on the way and leave plenty of time, at no point was I made to feel silly about this irrational phobia I had and I left the first session feeling positive and ready to beat this. This brings me on to the main point. My snake phobia WAS horrendous, I couldn’t even look at a picture without feeling nauseous and getting into a state, Lynn helped me to understand the reasons and gave me strategies to calm myself.  She gave me the knowledge and mental tools I needed to be able to deal with any situation.

Out of the 4 sessions I had one was hypnotherapy based. On my 4th session I had explained to Lynn that I had seen pictures of snakes and not freaked out at all, she then asked if it was ok to show me some pictures which she did, and I didn’t even flinch.  (Or run, be sick or feel stressed!)

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want one as a pet, nor will I be applying for jobs at a reptile house, however I now know that I no longer have a phobia. The thing for the past 30 years that has absolutely petrified me no longer does.  I would not hesitate to recommend Purple Tree Therapies. Thank you Lynn, you literally have changed my life.”

Sara W, Evesham…  “I booked my 12 year old in with Lynn at Purple Tree Therapies as he had developed a fear of flying. ☹️  Lynn was able to help my son understand this more and how to cope with it.  Se also helped with his anxiety about his operations he has to have and also his slight fear of dogs – she is lovely, friendly and welcoming.😀   Now looking forward to booking a holiday. 🌞

Susan S, Worcestershire...  “I approached Purple Tree Therapies for help with anxiety and depression in my life. In particular, I have been struggling with anxiety connected to driving.  After my initial enquiry by email, Lynn arranged a phone call where we talked briefly about the problems I was seeking help for and her therapeutic approach. We discussed these matters further in the initial consultation.

I found her therapy room a quiet, safe and peaceful environment to talk. Lynn has a warm and intelligent manner, and explains psychological concepts in a direct, vivid way.  I found the sessions thought-provoking and productive. I feel much more optimistic about being able to cope with my anxious thoughts in future, rather than feeling steamrollered by them.

Sometimes when you feel bombarded by negative thoughts, trapped, hopelessly confused or afraid, you need someone else to show you that the path ahead is still there, and to uncover it a little for you, so that you can begin to follow it again and move forwards with your life.  This is what my sessions with Lynn, and the different ways to tackle anxiety I have been introduced to have done for me.”

Extract from a message sent to me from Lou W, Alcester (and reproduced with her permission)… 

‘I’ve been putting what I’ve learnt straight into practise ‘parked a few, let some drive on, and breathed through others!‘  (A technique I taught Lou to cope with her unwanted thoughts.)

‘On a personal note, my sister… has noticed a real difference in me.  My mum has picked up on things I’ve said and done recently saying what a different thought process I’m having.

My ex-husband and I have had conversations that haven’t ended in ranting or me feeling belittled, and he’s actually been very supportive with our boys whilst I’ve been ill.  (Not something that happened very often for Lou.)

And…. I went to the pub on my own Saturday afternoon sat in the garden, had a little tipple on the grand national (came 2nd) and a small glass of vino!  (Treating herself was not on Lou’s radar until she came to me for help – she was always second best to everything and everyone else.)

I continue to keep in touch with Lou, but she’s a different person to the one that first walked through my door.  A lovely lady who deserves a nice life, and with a few tweaks, she’s getting there.  Well done Lou!

Clare M, Stratford…  “I was going through a difficult time in my life and needed some help. I came across Purple Tree Therapies and it’s changed my life!  From the moment I met Lynn i felt relaxed. Her home was welcoming and brought me comfort immediately. The therapy room makes you feel so relaxed.  I had tried various therapies before but Lynn’s approach and her toolbox has made me look at life differently. She has enabled me to answer my own questions. I use the techniques she has taught me on a daily basis and for the first time I feel I am able to deal with whatever life throws at me. Her support and encouragement is fantastic and I thoroughly recommend Purple Tree Therapies for a professional and supportive service.

Kelly O, Evesham…  “Thank you so much for your treatment & support. You are a wonderful lady, who has helped me so much with my anxiety.  You have helped more than my own doctors did – the techniques you have taught me have enabled me to live life again.  The treatment room is so relaxing, and I loved the dogs too, being a doggy person myself.  I recommend you to everyone, thank you.  My biggest thank you is for teaching me to enjoy my wedding day.  Love to you all.  Kelly.  x

Sara G, Cheltenham…  “I can not recommend Purple Tree Therapies highly enough.  Lynn is one of the loveliest ladies I have ever met.  Very understanding.  The room that she holds her sessions in is welcoming and comfortable, it is in her beautiful house.  She has literally turned my life around. The Hypnotherapy sessions have helped me deal with issues with my life from as far back as 25 years ago.  I had 5 sessions and it was the best £300 I have EVER spent.  I have my life and confidence back.  I can’t thank her enough and if you are struggling with your life, contact her, and get your life back!!  Forever grateful.  Sara x”

Emmie E, Worcester…  “I can’t thank Lynn enough for giving me my smile and positivity back.  I was at a point in my life where I was at a real crossroads and very anxious about my future security.  I was 45, a single Mum and found myself without a job for the first time in my life. I had been very unhappy in the industry I was in and knew I did not want to go back to it.  I really had no idea which way to turn or what to do.

When I turned up for my first session Lynn was so welcoming, the therapy room was very private and relaxing and straight away I felt I was able to chat and open up to Lynn without feeling judged at all!

Lynn explained the sessions would be like throwing my jigsaw puzzle of thoughts up in the air and then putting all the pieces back together in the right order for ME! That is exactly what happened.  I have learnt so much about what I really want out of life and that following my values is key to obtaining that.

After only 4 sessions with Lynn, she gave me the tools to re-assess my values, negative thoughts and needs and I now feel totally decluttered in my head. I have worked out exactly where I am going with my future and feel so excited and positive about it.  I did not think for one minute I would have made so much progress in such a short space of time, but I really have!  If you are thinking of seeing Lynn don’t hesitate, she is lovely and it is more than worth it!’


Tina, South Littleton…  I was getting bad panic attacks where I either passed out or vomited. CBT from NHS only helped so far so I went to see Lynn.  A calm environment and a good listener were the first things I noticed.  I got brilliant advice and gradually felt I was returning to being me.  Hypnosis is not what I expected, I was totally aware and in control.  When I ‘woke’ . . . not that I was asleep. . . I was surprised how much time had elapsed. It felt like 5-10 minutes and was in fact 35 minutes.  I now make sure I have ‘me’ time; I drive in the dark with NO panic – just today I went out in the car, despite the snow – the yard and lane were difficult but I did it.  And I yelled at my husband yesterday which was good – all I’ve been doing is saying sorry, sorry.  He is pleased the assertive Tina is back.  And so am I.   I always left the sessions feeling calm and happy, and I’m going back to see Lynn in January, just to show her how good I feel. If you have any doubts please try Purple Tree Therapies.  It’s wonderful and worth every penny.

Ann B, Pershore…  “Just to say thank you for giving me back my zest for life. As you know I came to you feeling very low and unable to cope with what life was pushing at me but after just four visits I feel really positive and energised. I am sleeping better and feel in control – no magic, you have just given me the tools to deal with the difficulties that I am facing. I am confident that I can now concentrate on the positives and get rid of more unnecessary baggage!

Heather L, Taunton…  “My sister Debbie had a few sessions with you. She had previously been suffering for the last few years. She was difficult to communicate with and I felt like no matter how hard I tried to support and help her I had lost my sister. Since she seen you I saw her on Sunday and was so so happy to have found my old sister is back. She is nearly back to her normal self. I went home and sobbed! I can’t thank you enough for helping her when no one else could.

Pip B, Worcestershire…  “I had been following Purple Tree Therapies on FB for sometime & eventually decided ‘now’ was the right time to seek help with my anxiety.  I’d been on anti-depressants for nearly 20 years and slowly reduced my dose until I was forgetting to take them and thought that’s one huge achievement let’s move onto the next!

I messaged Lynn & she kindly agreed to phone me (at a time convenient to me) and after our chat decided I would make an appointment.

I was apprehensive on the morning but had a clear idea of where Lynn lived as she works from home.  Great instructions, easy to find &    parking.  After a warm welcome from Lynn & her lovely hound Harry she showed me to her therapy room.  A very nice comfy chair that reclined, soft cushions & warm bright colours…..guess??? Purple & lilacs!

Lynn had a lot of questions and after our half an hour that she offers free, we continued into an appointment.

All I can say is that after a few sessions Lynn has given me the tools & coping mechanisms to deal with my anxiety & wow! my life has changed for the better.  Although I know it won’t go away, what I do know is that after seeing Lynn I am better equipped.  She has also helped me with my fear of flying and helped with my sleep pattern, for the better.

Although I don’t see Lynn on a regular basis any more, I do know that if I have a blip I can’t deal with that she’s at the end of the phone or a message and if need be I can book an appointment.

Thank you Lynn for helping me change my life for the better!

Hazel E, Bath…  “My daughter has been suffering from stress and anxiety for several years following a head concussion.  After three sessions with Lynn, she returned home seeming much happier, more relaxed and confident.  She is even singing at times during the day!  There is a marked improvement in her and her well-being.  She has learnt valuable techniques from Lynn – how to cope going forward to stave off any future anxiety attacks.  Thank you Lynn for helping my lovely daughter back to health again.

Cate M, Evesham…  “Having changed several things in my life over the past four years, it was time for the big one – my embedded feelings of anxiety.  Lynn’s insightful, calm and friendly approach immediately put me at my ease and, after a period of a very few weeks, I am now able to reflect on events in my life with much more confidence.  Alongside that, I am starting to apply strategies that Lynn has taught me when I feel anxious.  I highly recommend!

Phillipa B, Evesham…  “Had been following Purple Tree Therapies for several months before deciding to contact Lynn.  After a long chat on the phone I made an appointment with Lynn. After two sessions my life has changed for the better. I now have the tools to deal with my issues and they work…..successfully!  I am now in control of my mind, not my mind in control of me! Thank you Lynn.

Sarah G, Upton upon Severn…  I contacted Lynn when I needed help in understanding why I felt so out of control.  From the moment I arrived she put me at my ease and after listening to why I thought I needed help, she explained my feelings of being out of control were down to a combination of the various major changes that had happened over the last two years.

She has helped me look at what I want and identify some short and long term goals.  She has given me tools to help me cope and after years of thinking I was not good enough she has helped me settle my feelings and accept that I am good enough.  During my time seeing Lynn I have been made redundant but have now secured a new job, out of my comfort zone, but one I am looking forward to as Inow feel confident that I am good enough for what I call a grown up job.  I would recommend Lynn to family and friends.

Imogen D, Evesham…  I felt very safe and happy during my sessions, I left feeling relaxed and happy every time. I have really noticed how I’ve progressed since before my sessions and I am now much more aware of things I need to deal with and how to change.  I definitely feel as though I have the tools to be better.  Thank you again for all your help.

Emma L, Upton St Leonards…  “Since meeting Lynn and having a few appointments with her – delighted with how it has helped!   One thing that has amazed me is that I have not touched chocolate, or anything with chocolate in, for 6 weeks now and these foods were always my emotional crutch.  I now feel a lot better in myself for not constantly eating rubbish.  As a mum, wife and business owner, life is crazy at times, however Lynn has given me tools to approach things in a more structured way which means I don’t forget anything.  After each appointment I come away feeling lighter, which may sound strange, but I am so much calmer, and I always sleep really well that night too.  Can’t thank you enough for all your help Lynn, already looking forward to my next session.

Nik B, Worcester…  “I first approached Lynn after becoming stuck in a rut with my career, and at the time I felt completely lost. It wasn’t easy making the decision to see a life coach but right from the very first phone call, Lynn was friendly, relaxed and professional, but also informative; she quickly put my mind at ease and made me realise I’d made the right decision. Lynn helped me straighten my thoughts out and gain the confidence I needed to take the next step in my life. I’ve come away from her sessions with several tips and techniques that I can use anywhere anytime for the rest of my life. Thanks Lynn.

Lauren W, Evesham…  Lynn has changed my life forever and by no means is this an overstatement.  I first went to see Lynn after a marital  breakdown and associated issues which caused me so much sadness and anxiety. I was lost before I met Lynn, but after only a few sessions together, I now feel like the best version of me that I have ever been and that is all down to the techniques I have gained from Lynn.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked my first appointment but Lynn is everything you would ever want in a therapist: calming; approachable; professional; friendly; welcoming and so so much more.  I have already recommended three people to see Lynn and I will continue to recommend her time and time again.  Thank you so much.

Linda W, Worcestershire…  A close friend recommended Purple Tree Therapies to me.  I had been struggling with low self esteem, weight gain and negative thoughts for sometime, and felt that I had nothing to lose by seeing Lynn.  She made me feel at ease immediately and the therapy room was very calming.  We discussed many issues but Lynn dealt with whatever I was struggling with the most.  Each session (of which I had 5) left me feeling so much more in control and armed with coping methods for difficult times.  I finally feel I can look forward to a brighter future. Can really recommend giving Lynn a call and seeing how your life can be turned around. Thanks Lynn x.

Julie F, Willersey…  Lynn was a superb help, she’s intelligent, very skilled and committed to helping; within a short time she got to the heart of the issue and I was able to move on with a better understanding of myself.

Laura B, Coventry…   “Lynn was recommended to me by a friend following a course of NHS CBT, which I had found pretty unhelpful, and at times frustrating. The ‘logical’ approach of CBT was just not where my head was at, at that time. I desperately needed to talk through how I felt and learn to almost rewire my brain and recognise thought patterns. This is exactly what Lynn offered to me.  After my first session, I really felt that Lynn completely got what was going on with me, and she gave me such confidence that she was the right person to help me through.  In total I had four sessions with Lynn, during which we discussed simple day to day tips and tricks to manage my anxious thoughts and to regain control, and most importantly, my confidence.  I would also highly recommend a session of hypnotherapy with Lynn.  I must admit that, although I was very intrigued, I was slightly sceptical and thought that it wouldn’t work on me but I was so wrong!  The session was so beneficial for me and I noticed a change in my attitude almost immediately. Two months on and I am continuing to feel the benefits of my sessions.  I would highly recommend NLP, and in particular, Lynn..

Caroline K, Evesham…   “Thank you Lynn for helping me understand and overcome my fears.  I found the therapy very relaxing, professional and informative.  You have given me the tools and confidence to help me control my problem.

Lea E, Tewkesbury…   “Lynn is a lovely person who made me feel extremely welcome from the moment I arrived.  The passion for her work really shined through in our sessions which was very refreshing.

The session began with an explanation of techniques offered and I was made to feel at ease and comfortable.  A highlight of our session was a little piece of homework Lynn set. This has given me something to focus on and a technique I will continue to use.

I would highly recommend Lynn to friends and family”.

Chris N, Evesham…   “One thing that stands out above all to me about Lynn in the time she has spent working with me, is her personal and un-patronizing approach. She makes prospects seem un-daunting, concepts seem simple, objectives seem clear, and any issue you enter the room with, will not simply be challenged logically and put to rest in a clinical by-the-book manner. She empathises with your perspective and tailors her approach to the best of her ability, in a way that allows you to feel at ease with her straight away.

Lynn noticed quite astutely and quickly that I am a very visually minded person, making sense of the world around me in a quite particular and peculiar fashion. We have adopted this perspective into our sessions, and by mine and Lynn’s synchronised efforts, we have been able to adapt to, and understand each other, much more smoothly than I believe I would have been able to, had it not been for her interest and exceptional attitude.

A natural, honest, and real individual. Not only is she a refreshing personality to discover in what can very often be both a tedious and tumultuous journey through a common landscape of customarily minded therapists, she is funny, down to earth, and more than most she is passionate and interested about her work, her field and her clients. Suffice it to say, I have made entirely more progress in the last few months with Lynn, than I have in years of working with many others.

Highly recommended as a person, a therapist, and as someone I cannot thank personally enough for the part she has played in the impactful progress we have made thus far.”

Sue H, Fordwich…  “I have had an issue for many years that I thought Purple Tree Therapies could possibly help me with … So .. with much trepidation, I booked an appointment.  Immediately Lynn put me at ease with her friendliness and I was lead into the therapy room which was tastefully decorated, full of purple hues which immediately gave a calming effect.  Once I had sat on the comfy chair, it felt like home.  Throughout the session, Lynn listened with interest and had many ideas to help assist me to reach my goal which would improve my life beyond doubt.

We ended our first session with a relaxation technique, in which I was totally in heaven.  Because my problem would take a further session to finalise, we agreed to meet up again, but I promised to practice a few exercises that we had gone through during the initial hour’s session.  I am now looking forward very much to my next visit, I certainly have the confidence in Lynn to be able to resolve my long standing worrying concern at my follow up session.  I enjoyed my first session so much, that after next week, I’m going to endeavour to think of another reason to visit Purple Tree Therapies!”

Sam S, Evesham…  “I have nothing but positives regarding my session today.  The whole experience was uplifting, I felt at ease and comfortable in the surroundings and feel positive in my outlook now.  Thank you.”  A few months after Sam’s visit to me, she wrote me this note:  “Hi Lynn just a little note to let you know … I’ve travelled a fair few miles this summer and touch wood… I’ve been absolutely fine!!! Can’t thank you enough.. Sam x” 

Sharon W, Worcestershire…  “Lynn was very professional in her approach and she helped me to relax so I felt very safe and at ease. We managed to resolve my issue and I am very happy with the results.” 

Alex E, Tewkesbury…  “I wanted to try hypnotherapy as a last resort to try and stop biting my nails and had one session with Lynn for an hour. Two weeks on and I’m very happily surprised with the results, I can finally open a can of coke without using my teeth! The treatment was explained and executed well in a nice calming room with comfortable chair. Overall a very pleasant first experience with therapy and given that I was a bit sceptical and it actually worked for me I would highly recommend.”

Melanie C, Evesham…  “I felt relaxed and at ease and that my issues were fully understood.  The techniques were explained well, and even when having difficulty (eg, visualising) an alternative approach was offered.  It was all extremely helpful.”

Keith N, Sutton Coldfield…  “This year Lynn supported me with mentoring and guidance.  Her skills, professionalism and insightfulness were a real strength which provided me with the resources to succeed.”