Forget the New YeStruggling with staying motivated Picture 2ar’s resolutions – I know I won’t stick with them for more than 5 minutes – they’ll be filed under ‘All Too Difficult’ almost as soon as the ink’s dried.  But… we all want the next year to be better than the last, so having some goals in mind (without putting too much pressure on yourself) seems to be the answer.

In my case, for the last couple of years, it’s been moving my business forward.  I’ve got to grips with Facebook, Mailchimp, WordPress, Excel & set up my website.  I’ve gone to seminars, attended webinars, watched endless inspirational videos on Youtube, written blogs, handed out leaflets, gone to networking meetings, organised advertising campaigns, made countless new friends on Facebook and invited them over and over again to like, share or comment on my campaigns.

I’ve also chatted to anybody that will stand still long enough about what I do, and how I can help them.  I’m quite evangelical about it.  (Actually I’m so enthusiastic about what I do, I can often see their eyes glazing over, but I plod on regardless – never let a little thing like boring somebody to death get in the way.)  And somehow I’ve got to find the enthusiasm and energy to do it all over again this year, to keep moving things forward.  And it’s hard.  Whatever you’ve decided to do as a next step – at the end of the day you’re on your own.  You can talk to friends, get advice, receive a fleeting message from a complete stranger on social media, but ultimately, keeping yourself motivated is excruciatingly hard.

So, I’ve given myself a good talking to, and would like to offer you the same advice:-

  • Break your tasks into manageable chunks – get them in your diary or on a spreadsheet and refer to them daily.
  • Check your progress weekly and reward yourself with something nice when you’ve achieved a goal.
  • Keep reminding yourself of your goals. Have a picture in your head (or on your fridge) of how you want your life to be.  Refer to it often!
  • Give yourself breaks – go for a walk (Harry & Ernie like this bit); meet a friend for coffee; read a couple of chapters of that book you’ve just started…
  • Go easy on yourself – accept setbacks as learning curves and attack it another way.
  • Scour the internet for motivational speeches or stories and book yourself on to courses, webinars or join a like-minded group.
  • Identify distractions and eliminate them, or set yourself a time limit for them and stick to it.
  • Take caffeine if you’re flagging – not to excess (2 cups of coffee is my limit) but it will keep you alert and focused.
  • Exercise – it releases endorphins that make you feel better, and will help you lose weight as well as give you thinking time. My best ideas come when Harry, Ernie and I go for our walks.  Join a gym, dance to some music, run round the block – MOVE!
  • Do something unpredictable – go somewhere different each week, or somewhere you haven’t visited for a while but enjoy going to. Or change your personal life in a small way that would make you happy, or smile.  (On a personal level, I’m going to try and fit in a lot more ‘me time’ this year.)

In short, whatever you’re trying to achieve this year, go for itBe proud of who you are and what you do.  Reward yourself for each small step you take that moves your forward, but make allowances for yourself when it doesn’t quite go according to plan.  And if you need help, give me a call.  There may be underlying issues that you need help with – NLP, hypnotherapy and counselling may be just what you need to find a different path.

So, I’m just off to grab the dogs’ leads, and go for that inspirational walk before I grab a pen and paper, and start writing my list of goals.  I wish you luck with yours!

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Please accept this blog in the spirit in which it is offered.  I am intending only to give you some light hearted food for thought here – not reams of indigestible facts that you can find elsewhere all over the internet.  If any of the suggestions ring a bell for you – great.  This is a simplified version to give you a taster, so if your problem is more serious, and you feel you need more in-depth professional help, please contact me.  I can help you identify any underlying issues that may be holding you back, and allow you to kick-start the process of moving you forward again.  And of course, if you feel the need to visit your GP please go straight away.  NLP, hypnotherapy and counselling are not a substitute for professional medical advice, but a complementary therapy.  Thank you for reading this, and I hope to meet you soon.