• We are not born with phobias or fears – they are learned behaviours.
  • A phobia is an externally triggered, consistent, uncontrollable panic response to an internal representation (a feeling).
  • You actually respond to the picture you have created, not the thing itself.
  • The thing triggers a response – it does not cause the fear itself. This is an important point.
  • A phobic response is very different from intense fear. A phobic reaction is traumatic, debilitating, immobilizing and feels like it’s completely out of a person’s control.
  • We develop fears to help us avoid unwanted or dangerous situations – normally as small children.
  • Sometimes those fears (when ‘fed’ with more fear: fear of fear itself) go on to become phobias.
  • We get locked into the mindset of a small child and each time we pay attention to the fear, it grows.
  • Eventually the fear becomes larger than the situation it’s trying to protect you from – a Bully.
  • You are not your fear.
  • You can control your fear, by acknowledging where it came from, what it was trying to do for you at the time, and deciding you no long wish to be controlled by a thought process that started (probably) many years ago.
  • You can choose to continue to be fearful of fear itself, or you can choose to conquer it.
  • The more you can ‘ridicule’ the fear, the more control you get over it. Bullies don’t like to be ridiculed!
  • There are many different methods available to help you conquer your fears, but the biggest one tool in your arsenal is realising that you are NOT your fear. The fear is a small part of you that’s got out of control.  You can choose to chew the thoughts up, swallow them, and end up with indigestion, or you can choose to chew them up, and spit them out.  It’s your choice.
  • How much longer are you prepared to live with a Bully that’s taken control of your thoughts?


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