People express their love in many different ways.  Have a go at this quick survey to see how you express love, and what this might mean for your relationships.  You might be surprised by how easy it is to give and receive a little more love in your life.

Click HERE to request a free PDF to download.  You may be missing something.  Could it be the other person has a different way of expressing their love?  If they have, it might be that you are putting a great deal of energy into something that doesn’t mean as much to them as it does to you.

You may be pleasantly surprised by the results – give it a go – and don’t forget to let me know how you get on.

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Please accept this blog in the spirit in which it is offered.  I am intending only to give you some light hearted food for thought here – not reams of indigestible facts that you can find elsewhere all over the internet.  If any of the suggestions ring a bell for you – great.  This is a simplified version to give you a taster, so if your problem is more serious, and you feel you need more in-depth professional help, please contact me.  I can help you identify any underlying issues that may be holding you back, and allow you to kick-start the process of moving you forward again.  And of course, if you feel the need to visit your GP please go straight away.  NLP, hypnotherapy and counselling are not a substitute for professional medical advice, but a complementary therapy.  Thank you for reading this, and I hope to meet you soon.