Can Money Make You Happy?

We all have very different beliefs, motivations, emotions and preferences regarding how we spend our money.  Money can affect self-esteem, control and security.  But what if we don’t have enough?

How many of us feel that more money would make us happier?  And when is ‘enough’ enough?



There’s no doubt about it that having money allows us to function more easily in the world.  We all feel more secure if we know that we can pay our mortgage, our bills, fund childcare, put petrol in our cars, buy clothes for ourselves and our children or put food on our tables.    So, to that degree, I suppose we could say that having more money could certainly make us less stressed.  But would having funds over and above the amount we need to do these things make us happier?

If money was the key to happiness surely lottery winners, celebrities and high earners would be the happiest people in the world?  But I don’t think they are.  You’ve only got to look in the papers to see the effect on lottery winners – the jealousy, greed and spiteful behaviour exhibited by their families and friends, and how it changes the dynamics of their relationships.  And what about the celebs that turn to drink and drugs, on a self-destructive downward spiral because they don’t trust the people around them, or because their inflated egos become distorted and it affects them and everybody else around them…

We humans are rather complex characters.  I believe that humans thrive on good experiences, relationships, self-worth and having a purpose in life.    Money can be a measure of success and success can give us a feeling of purpose, but it’s not the money itself that makes us happy.

Recent surveys of job satisfaction have found that those in creative occupations such as florists and gardeners rank higher than bank workers and those in technology sectors who earn much more.   What can be the reason behind this?  Clearly money is not the key for the florists and gardeners.  But, they get to see the positive results of their work which has a huge impact on happiness.

Jobs that command high salaries come with lots of responsibility, long commutes, less time with family, lack of exercise, stress, lack of sleep, the list goes on.  All these things, whilst generating wealth, can seriously damage your happiness rating.  Would it be worth it to you?

So, what makes me happy?

  • Time with my family and friends
  • Long walks with my dogs
  • Helping people get beyond the situation they’re in that’s stopping them moving forward, and watching them blossom and grow as they achieve their desired outcomes.

My thoughts?   Look for the simple things in your life that you enjoy, and cherish them.  Search for the things that make you smile, or better still, laugh out loud.  Turn to them as often as possible and always try to look for a positive outcome in everything.  Don’t reach for the unachievable – that way lies discontent and frustration.

Life is too short to spend it doing things that aren’t fulfilling – choose your path carefully, weigh up whether having more money would really make you happy, and go gunning for the path you choose!

But, if you’d like some help with stress, anxiety, lack of sleep etc, or would like to find out what your ‘drivers’ are to enable you to decide how to move forward with your life, please contact me.  One hour’s consultation could be all that’s standing between you and your new life!

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