Hypnotherapy Stratford Upon Avon

More and more people are choosing hypnotherapy to treat various conditions such as depression and anxiety and for breaking certain habits like smoking, gambling or drinking. If you’re looking for hypnotherapy in Stratford upon Avon to help you move forward with your life, look no further than Purple Tree Therapies. Lynn is qualified and licensed in hypnotherapy, NLP and counselling, and possesses a huge amount of skill, knowledge and expertise in the field. You can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands when you choose her to provide these services. She has a long list of satisfied clients who regularly recommend her services. Take a look at the Testimonials page to see what they’re saying today.

Will I Be Asleep During a Hypnotherapy Session?

No, you won’t be asleep when under hypnosis. Many people think about the stage hypnosis that they’ve seen on TV when they’re considering embarking on a course of hypnotherapy, but this isn’t what you should expect. You’ll be fully awake at all times and will have total control over your actions. You don’t need to worry about unwittingly revealing your deepest, darkest secrets whilst you’re under. Just expect to feel deeply relaxed, and peaceful. Browse the website to find out more about Purple Tree Therapies today.